Life is too short to hate and to be angry


You all know this to be true, but it usually comes to us via Hallmark Card or some cliche written on a fortune cookie. Sadly, the only time this really hits home for most of us is when we are confronted with and experience death firsthand, and by then, it is usually too late.

We all have some purpose in our lives, and while that purpose may sometimes be difficult to comprehend or discover, one thing is for certain: no one ever found their true purpose with hatred in their heart. It is like a blindfold, a straight jacket, and a pair of leg irons all wrapped up into one. You will go no where but down, even if that much sought after retribution feels so good when you experience it. It is VERY short lived, trust me.

In the end, you will be remembered for how you treated others during your life. You can be a billionaire, you can have everything you ever wanted, but none of that matters after you die, and you will have nothing if that is what takes a priority in your life. So for all of you who hear these words and still hold anger and hatred within you – let it go. I promise you will feel much better, and remember – the ones you are angry at are most likely unaware of the pain they have caused you, they don’t care that it hurts you, and will probably not capitulate like you would like them to. Stop letting them cause you pain, and let it go.