Lightning in a Bottle 2014 Lucent Temple x Yoga x Artique Lineups Announced

LiB Temple Music Lineup
Once again the Temple of Consciousness will have its own musical experience with the world, devotional, and calming live music offering a soundtrack to the journeys within. Over 20 artists will be performing World Temple Music between classes and speakers, encompassing indigenous sounds from cultures around the world.


Much of Lightning in a Bottle’s intimate singularity is expressed through The Lucent Temple of Consciousness, an amazing sanctuary for all participants to enrich the soul and inspire the spirit. The 2014 schedule inside the Lucent Temple, built out of recycled and found objects, will include over 300 different experiences in yoga, workshops, speakers and exotic world music.



LiB Yoga Lineup
Lightning in a Bottle 2014 features yogis Radha & Govind Das, Joan Hyman, Tony Giulano, Kishan Shah, Gigi Snyder, and many more


The yoga lineup for the 9th annual Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festival will feature Radha & Govind Das, Joan Hyman, Tony Giulano, Kishan Shah, Gigi Snyder and The Human Experience, and more.

Yoga continues to be an integral part of the Lightning in a Bottle experience. As the festival has grown, so has the roster of yoga teachers and practitioners. This year looks to provide our most varied and celebrated series of classes yet.

Yoga classes will happening from morning until evening throughout the weekend to enrich your body and calm your soul. All experience levels and Yoga styles will be on offer from high energy Vinyasa to relaxing classes integrating meditation. The west coast’s top Yoga teachers are joining LIB this year, and many will be accompanied by live musicians. Whether you are looking to get your Yoga practice started, try out a new style, or just continue your practice with incredible people in an incredible space, it is strongly suggested you make Yoga a part of your LIB experience.

Schedule coming soon!


LiB Grand Artique
For the 5th year in a row, the Grand Artique Stage will be back at Lightning in a Bottle, and this year they are aiming to go bigger than ever. Bringing back to life their town Frontierville, a fully immersive Trading Post/General Store and a heavy-hitting line-up to rip up their own Live Music Stage.

Headliners include Diegos Umbrella, El Radio Fantastique and Herbert Bail Orchestra, whose foot-stomping anthems rocked LiB’s main stage last year, and many more awesome acts.The Grand Artique is one interactive area of LIB you don’t want to miss out on! Don’t forget to dig through your closet and bring something to trade! See you at the Grand Artique!