Lightning in a Bottle and The Lucent Temple of Consciousness


This summer the Peace and Loveism staff (sister organization of SHIFT>) will be immersing itself and documenting the wonderful Lucent Temple of Consciousness at Lightning in a Bottle! We are incredibly excited to share our experiences of this transcendental and transformational element of Lightning in a Bottle. We’ll be highlighting some amazing speakers, workshops, and meditations so stay tuned for our coverage next month!

The LIB Lucent Temple of Consciousness is a place to expand your mind and explore science, playfulness, and the inner and outer reaches of spirituality. Come bend and twist your body and hear the sounds of sweet harmonizing instruments calling us to rise up.

So what’s in store July 11-15 in Temecula, CA? Read on for the inspiring lineup of speakers, workshops, yoga teachers, and music that will be on offer throughout the weekend at the temple this year.


David Wilcock: Divine Cosmos – The Synchronicity Key: Hidden Intelligence Guiding Us

Alex Grey w/ Allyson Grey: Entheogeneration – History of Visionary Culture

Ocean and John Robbins: Why We Need A Food Revolution

John Perkins: Dreaming a New World – Confessions of an Economic Hit Man & The Prophecies

Jamie Janover Unified Field Theory

BASHAR Channel: Leading Edge Thinking

Dream Rockwell Success comes with understanding You Are the Light of the World

Alexis Neely Sovereignty in the New Economics

Melanie St.James 7 Stages of Sustainability: Social Permaculture in Action


Ashley Turner – Koshas – 5 Layers of Self
Bryan Kest – PowerYoga
Mark Whitwell – Heart of Yoga
Tamal Dodge – “Enhance your Practice” (Guided Vinyasa Power Yoga)
Daniel Stewart – Rising Lotus Yoga
Kia Miller – Radiant Body Yoga
Kishan Shah – Vinyasa Flow Love + Bhakti Yin Kirtan w/ live music by Dear Beloveds
Michelle Nayeli Bouvier – Circle Sadhana: Dance our Nature
Shawni – Yoga Meditation & Music
Patti Quintero – YogaWorks
Gigi Snyder w/ The Human Experience
Cristi Christensen w/ DJ Marques Wyatt – Deep Exhale
Rachel Tratt – Let Your Soul Shine
Gianna DeFlice – Your Brightest Self– Yoga to Upshift your Vibration
Nicole Doherty and Marques Wyatt – Sonic Shamanic

1 Giant Mind Meditation & The Earth Harp

The 1 Giant Mind Mission

To reduce the impact of the global stress epidemic and its effects on health and wellbeing, society and culture, the workplace, economy and the world at large through:

  • promoting the practice and benefits of meditation
  • teaching as many people as possible how to meditate
  • advancing scientific research into the practice of individual and collective meditation
  • motivating 100 million people worldwide to regularly practice meditation by 2020.
The Experiment
On Sunday, July 14, 2013, in partnership with Dr. Paul Zak, Director of the Centre of Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University in California, 1 Giant Mind and The Do LaB will be conducting a world first study on brain-chemistry produced during mass meditation experiences at The Lightning in Bottle Festival.
The study involves a series of blood draws before and after a mass meditation experience to be held on the 21st of July at the main stage. They will then test this blood for the amount of oxytocin, seratonin and dopamine released to determine what the neurological impacts are when large groups of people meditate together.
Dr. Zak (aka Dr. Love) Professor of Economics and Department Chair, as well as the founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University. Dr. Zak also serves as Professor of Neurology at Loma Linda University Medical Center, and is a Senior Researcher at UCLA. Dr. Zak specialises in monitoring Oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is the chemical of morality, empathy and love.

Other Wonderment

MOVEMENT Dance, ritual movement, fitness, slackline and more!
FOOD AND TEA Raw & vegan food, sustainable preparation, chocolate!
KIDS AND FAMILY Gring the whole family to creation stations, playshops & kids yoga!
TECHNOLOGY 1 Giant Mind, ancient languages, alternative economies, biobeats!
SUSTAINABILITY Natural building, earthships, emerging environmental technologies!
THRIVING Heal naturally, express yourself through voice, sex, sound, and more!

Temple Music

Once again the Temple of Consciousness will have its own musical experience with world, devotional, and calming live music offering a soundtrack to the journeys within.

Liberation Movement: The Shaman Project
Elijah and the Band of Light
Agape Love Ensemble
Shawn Barry
Shaman’s Dream
Steve Gold
Human Experience
Imagika Om
Fabian Alsultany
Janover & reSunator
Youssoupha Sidibe
Marques Wyatt
Lucent Dossier (Temple Set)
Shyla Ray Sunshine

Shawni + Band

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