Liquid Mind – Ambience Minimus – Zero Degrees Zero [Meditation Music]

liquid mind ambience minimus

This week’s healing sounds are from Liquid Mind’s Ambience Minimus collection called Zero Degrees Zero.

The music of Ambience Minimus flows beautifully throughout, giving you uninterrupted relaxation. It is the ideal companion if you are pulling in long hours working or are prone to getting stressed out. It also makes for a luminous meditation experience. The very slow tempo of the music allows you to really relax.

Music is incredibly powerful for changing our mood and state of consciousness. If you find it difficult to meditate, because you have continuous thoughts barraging you, if can help to have something to focus on, like this track. Instead, you will get to float down the stream of mindfulness or glorious etheric horizons that you will become enamored with.

If you want to take your meditation experience to new heights, you can also light highly-popular nag champa incense that is reminiscent of jasmine or magnolia flowers. There are so many options when it comes to incense, so explore around and enjoy whatever natural fragrances you are attracted to. You can learn more about incense here. Alternatively, if you are sensitive to smoke of any kind, you can opt for an essential oil diffuser.

This allows you to benefit from the same consciousness-elevating properties certain ions have, which get released when you burn or diffuse them. Music like this, plus incense or essential oils, will unlock things within you that you have lost touch with, or never realized were there in the first place.

So go on, relieve your stress and take your meditation to new realms with this exceptional track. Listening to this for the purpose of meditation will give you half an hour to allow whatever it is that needs to come through and integrate within yourself.

Become like water and let your inner being be filled with the light of all that is pure and true within this amazing Reality.