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I am an herbal alchemist, explorer of all things healing, uplifting and magical, with the intent to provide a wellspring of custom and handmade, organic and wildcrafted creations. My focus is on native plants, everything I harvest I work on developing a relationship with, always leaving untouched plants behind. Definitely infused with lots of love from my heart to yours. Be well, and blessings for your journey :)

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My heart belongs to the wild. I grew up during what I feel were the most important years of my life immersed in it, running with horses, getting to know them, taking on their perspective, seeing. In those years I learned how important it is to see, and to feel, to learn, to shift form and get a glimpse from another reality. To me that is so refreshing. Everything I do is cultivated from that spirit, the undying, unfaltering thirst to be connected with everything around me, and to be able to share that medicine and joy with others. I have completed 2 years of herbal studies at Blazing Star Herbal school, beginner and advanced clinical.

I am a practicing community herbalist, enthusiast and seeker of all things healing, with a wide range of interests and studies. My focus in herbal medicine is mostly on native plants, and medicinals are infused with love and intention, harvested with the rhythms of nature, and at the peak of energy. Being mindful to only harvest some, and leave behind to further the cycle of regeneration and growth of the plants, developing a relationship with all plants I work with.

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