Master Your Life With These 7 Simple Powerful Mind Tweaks

Life can certainly be a roller coaster of stress and anxiety sometimes. With so many responsibilities and time restraints your hectic schedule can begin to take its toll.

The good news is there are a number of ways you can change your life to help you ride the chaotic wave of life.

Master your life with the following 7 simple powerful mind tweaks.

These will help you live a happier, less stressful and more peaceful life while helping you to flow through daily living with minimum resistance and maximum ease.

The 7 Simple Powerful Mind Tweaks

1) Change your mind to alter your reality!

Your life and how you experience it is a product of your mind. What you perceive, think and belief shape how you view yourself, others, and life in general. When you look at something you don’t see it as it truly is. You see it as ‘you’ are.

Your ideas, concepts, thoughts and preconceptions all influence how you interpret something. So what you see before you may not be the true reality. It may be your individualized version of it.

This is something that can be used in a positive way however. If your experience of reality is a reflection of your own mind, it stands to reason that you can change your mind and alter your perception of reality.

The story of the Elephant and the Blind Men is a good example of this principle. Six blind men placed their hands upon an elephant, not knowing what an elephant was because they had never seen one before.

One man had his hands on the foot. The other on the tail. One on the tusk. One had his hands on the trunk. The next man had his hands on the elephants ears and the other man had his hands on the elephants side.

Every man argued that they knew what an elephant looked like. One thought it was a branch, the other a fan, a pipe, a tree trunk, a wall, or a piece of rope, depending upon what part of the elephant they were touching. Until one man looking on shouted to them, “You’re all touching the same big animal.”

The deeper message is that we cannot always see the full picture from our limited perspective. Sometimes we have to take a step back and view all perspectives before we can fully realize the truth that’s before us.

2) Free yourself from expectation!

The Buddha once said that, “attachment is at the root of all suffering.” While attachments can take many forms and can include pets, people, places, material things, and so on, there’s one form of attachment you can learn to let go of relatively easily. Letting go of this one attachment can have a dramatic positive effect upon your life. That is the attachment to expectation.

When you become emotionally and mentally attached to your expectations you lay the groundwork for potential future disappointment.

Whether you expect people to be a certain way, you expect something to come into your life, or you otherwise expect everything to go the way you want it to, you can experience disappointment and emotional turmoil when reality does not meet your expectations.

When you detach from the results of your actions, and that of others, you free yourself from disappointment and become open, receptive and accepting of what comes your way. This is one of the secrets to achieving lasting peace within your life.

3) Follow the Wu Wei Principle!

Wu Wei is a Principle found in Chinese Taoism and is known as the principle of non-doing, non-action and non-forcing. It is seen as being the abstention of any action that goes against the flow of nature.

Similar to how the planets circle the Sun and water flows down a stream, there is no control or force in the movement of the planets and water. Each flows naturally down the channel meant for it without resistance and flows effortlessly.

The Wu Wei Principle gives insight into how you can be less resistant to your environment through non-doing, non-action and non-forcing.

What these three aspects of Wu Wei mean is that you too, like the planets and water, can flow effortlessly through your life free from friction, disturbance and suffering by learning how to be non-resistant to where the flow of your life is taking you.

Everything in the Universe is energy. You too are energy. And your life can be viewed as being a specific flow of energy. When you attempt to control everything in your life and you strive to force a path ahead, as the natural flow of your life is trying to take you elsewhere, you experience friction, disturbance and suffering within your mind.

When you let go of having to be in control however, the root cause of this friction, disturbance and suffering is no longer present. At this point, your body and mind finds its natural flow as you effortlessly glide through life with minimal resistance and maximum ease.

At the heart of the Wu Wei Principle is a deeply profound spiritual message.

“You are not here to forge a path in life. You are here to observe where your path is guiding you.”

4) Let go of what’s not meant for you!

As we move through life we naturally acquire things, surround ourselves with people and form new relationships. There will perhaps come a time however when it’s time to let go of these people and these relationships and walk in a new direction.

Many of us are willing to experience continual pain and suffering because we can’t bear to let go of the source of that pain and suffering. This is often seen in difficult relationships. Life however will naturally guide us in the direction we are supposed to travel. The key is to know what helps us on our journey and what holds us back and choosing what helps.

Like the 13th Century Sufi Mystic Maulana Rumi once said, “Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.”

Everyone in life is there to show you something important about your inner self and there is a lesson to be learned in every relationship. Especially the most challenging of relationships. These often have the deepest messages for us.

There often comes a time however when our relationships have served their purpose and it’s time to trim the leaves and move on. Because a dead leaf will sooner or later fall to the ground. No matter how hard we try to remain part of it.

5) Learn to love change!

From the moment of birth to your eventual death, one thing guaranteed in life is change. Change is the one unchangeable constant in all our lives. However many people dislike change and some actively fight against it.

Many people have a need to hold onto what they have. This is a natural desire. We humans prefer the security and familiarity of knowing what we have when we wake up in the morning rather than taking a chance with an unknown. Despite this, we cannot avoid change.

Rather than fear change, dislike it or otherwise resist it, if you can train yourself to love change you will notice quite a profound change develops in your life. Learning to love change naturally flows on from the previous mind tweaks mentioned.

If you can live your life without being attached to expectation, not resisting, forcing or controlling everything in life, and gracefully letting go of that which no longer serves you, you will already be flowing effortlessly through life as you change from one moment to the next.

Learning to love change however makes that’s process an adventure. When your mind is focused upon the excitement of not knowing what’s coming next in your life and who’s going to enter it, change becomes a joy. Truly love change and you will free yourself from the fear, anxiety and apprehensiveness of where life takes you.

6) Let your mind flow like water!

Imagine a stream trickling through your mind. Gently the water flows in through your head and out the other end. All the stress, anxiety and negative thoughts simply flow like water through your head and right out of your mind.

This is a simple technique you can use during meditation to help clear your mind of busyness. It’s also a technique you can use in your day to day life too.

When we experience thing we don’t like, such as difficult situations, unpleasant people, or verbal confrontation, these things have a tendency to bounce around within our head for quite some time. Naturally, this can have a negative effect upon our thought processes, our emotions and how those emotions continue to make us feel.

If you spend some time working on this visualization of water flowing through your mind, taking negative thoughts, stress, anxiety and busyness with it, you will in time train yourself to become more resilient to the challenges in your life.

Similar to how the Wu Wei Principle can be seen as water freely flowing down a stream, you can allow the negative energies within your mind to flow through you, and away from you, without resistance, force or control. With a little practise, you will learn to let go of your burdens, rather than carry them with you.

7) Have an attitude of gratitude!

Having an attitude of gratitude is one of the most important traits you can adopt in life. Expressing genuine heart felt gratitude for what the Universe has given lays the foundation for building these mind tweaks into your life.

Gratitude also holds a deeper purpose and value. When you express gratitude, at any given moment, your energy opens to being better guided on your life path. The energy of your heart expands when you express gratitude and this can have many positive effects upon you.

This helps you to be less focused upon negativity and in a neutral state of mind. This neutral state of mind helps you to be present here and now, rather than focused on the past or the future.

One of the biggest benefits to gratitude is that you change to a more productive state of being. Gratitude helps you to shift your focus from what you don’t have to what you do have. With this shift, your personal energy becomes one of abundance, rather than an energy that is lacking.

This state of abundance in your energy opens you up to receive more from the Universe while helping you to flow through life with relative ease.


You have the power to change your experience of life by changing how you choose to think. Your entire reality and how you interact with your environment is determined by what thoughts you choose to express.

Your thoughts affect how you feel, they change your experience of life, and they can limit your progress should you allow them that power.

Strive to master these previous seven mind tweaks and you will learn not only how to master yourself, but how to master the flow of energy guiding you through life.

About the Author:

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