A Message to the Change Makers of the New Paradigm

This message is for the change makers of the new paradigm that’s being imprinted over the old order that was out of harmony with our environment, our universe, and the greater whole of reality.

You are here on Earth right now, feeling you have something to accomplish, correct, and create. You can feel overwhelmed and overburdened given how much damage and suffering is occurring on this planet.¬† Don’t let your light become dim over anxiety of your vision being too difficult to manifest into reality. If you don’t bring the change, that change may never come.

You may feel angry. You may feel that the matrix of society is something that you need to destroy and build anew. You aren’t alone in feeling this way, as you can see in all the protests, uprisings, and revolutions worldwide of others standing up to the old oppressive and hierarchical authority structure that exists all over this planet.

Ancient oracles of the future foretold there will come a time when children of a new world will arise that will be a new generation  (in a way that was never possible before modern technology) dissolving the old world order and establish a new peaceful egalitarian order that resembles very little to what exists right now.

You are the ones that will completely transform the world we live in. The planet’s future is in your hands, please remember this so that there will be a future for us all and for those who will be born after us. We have arrived at our greatest decision point yet. Where we go from here is something you can directly affect. You have the power to steer the very course of humanity. Where do we go from here? The choice is a collective one, and ours alone to make. Waiting for outside saviors will not change anything but only make it more difficult to imprint the new paradigm.

Start off small and go BIG. The only limits are the ones you put on yourself. With modern technology you are able to affect the entire planet in a matter of moments. Use the tools that you have to help create the transition into a new world that is bound by unity and respect. There is so much that is at stake here. You hold the keys to your own destiny…time to use them to unlock the doors of possibility.