Triggered to Grow – Learn How Your Triggers May Actually Benefit You

As you develop on the ascension path, you will experience tremendous growth. Right before a breakthrough to your next level of embodiment, you may notice some discomfort, as you are confronted with the remaining distance between where you are now, and the vibrational frequency of your future self, who you are on your way to becoming.

In some cases, you may even be able to feel your current reality bandwidth as if it is being stretched to meet this new version of you (hence the discomfort), and yet currently you may still be falling short of reaching that next level (no matter how much you’d like to be there already) due to the fact that there is still some more inner work that needs to be done, which is essentially allowing the denser energy within you to release in order to raise your current vibration.

During this time of growth, in order to help release this dense energy, triggers will often arise to bring up and make you aware of any old energy that needs to be released for you to fully expand into this next version of you.

Trust the process. Allow yourself to grieve what you are letting go of to make space for the new, releasing the energy in whatever way works best for you. Allow your emotions to flow and exist without the need for justification or explanation.

It is common for these triggered emotions to present in a seemingly exaggerated way, especially given the context of your current experience. Something that doesn’t seem like a very big deal is suddenly causing you tremendous anger and/or heartbreak. This can be due to the fact that the wound is much deeper than what you are currently facing, and the root cause of the emotion has its origins in a past life, early childhood development, or may even be passed down from your ancestors.

Regardless of its nature and origin, the best thing to do is to allow it to simply be, without questioning it or pushing it down inside. Such resistance only causes more suffering and misalignment for your being. Allow the energy to move how it wants to, with careful consideration to keep yourself and those around you safe in all situations.

Anger may arise, which gives a sense of empowerment, but there is usually sadness found beneath the anger that also wishes to be acknowledged and released. The vulnerability of sadness may feel uncomfortable to you in the moment, but giving it the proper space it needs to be seen and released will free you from the suffering it causes, allowing you to effectively embody your next highest version of you.

This may not be accomplished overnight, so give yourself grace and have patience. Appreciate the lessons that you are able to receive from the energy and experiences you are facing, knowing all the while that you are never alone—always guided and moving in the direction of greater improvement and soul expression, the benefits of which I think you’ll find are well worth it in the end.

Thank the triggers for showing up because even if they are annoying and uncomfortable, ultimately they are helping you to expand by allowing you to connect with and release those dense energy residing within you from previous experiences that you were unable to fully process at that time. The good news is once this release of stuck energy is complete, there will be more space created within your body to hold even more of your soul energy,  resulting in the raising of your vibration.

When triggered, pay attention to what emotions come up for you. It may be one very strong and clear emotion like the need to control, for example, or it can be a mix of emotions not easily explained or understood. Ask yourself which emotions you experienced and explore why and where the root cause of these emotions maybe coming from.

If the emotion is a big recurring theme in your life and you aren’t able to trace its origins to anywhere in your current life experience, it could mean that it is from your ancestors or a past life. If you’d like to go deeper and find out more about these emotions, a past life regression session with a hypnotherapist you trust may help you to reveal the root cause of such emotions and fears.

Plant medicine may also be beneficial to help you release blocked energy and emotions. Please be mindful to find the purest facilitators and sources you can to achieve optimal results and ensure your safety and benefit.

Other therapies that may be helpful are:

Even dreams can serve as a place for you to act out difficult emotions and experiences,  helping you to release those energies within the context of your dream and avoid having to go through similar occurrences in your waking life.

What I have found is utilizing these helpful practices can be like a fast track to growth, allowing you to connect with your subconscious mind to make positive changes in yourself by facing what is holding you back and releasing in a safe container, but they are not for everyone. Please listen to yourself, your soul, and your body before experimenting with any of the previous examples.

Remember that through this deep inner work, you are coming into greater alignment with your soul, and this is all designed and aligned for your highest good…even if it doesn’t seem that way in the moment or appears painful or confusing.

You can’t always see or understand where you are going from where you are, and so this is where divine trust is required and cultivated to help you move through this process, and successfully get to the next level of you. Once you arrive in this new expanded version of yourself, you will be able to look back and understand why you went through the journey that you did, and how necessary it was to help you get to where you are now. Stay true and give yourself extra love and hugs during these challenging moments. It gets better.

Now, after reading this article is a great time for some further self-reflection and exploration.

While examining your life and the experiences you’ve had, notice if any challenging experiences come to mind. Are you able to now see any positive transformations or benefits that may have occurred as a result of those experiences?

As you look back, you may notice that many of those challenges were acting as catalysts, which helped you realize outdated states of being that no longer serve you, and by having those challenging experiences, you were able to get to know yourself on a deeper level and realize what it is that you truly desire out of life.

Another idea is to journal about your experiences and write down on a piece of paper any specific things you would like to intentionally release at this time, as well as anything you wish to call into your life. Once finished, you can burn the papers in a cleansing fire ritual. If you prefer, you can also keep the the paper with the energy you would like to call in, and place it under your pillow or inside your pillowcase in your bed to help manifest your intentions.

This journey is a process of growth.

Nothing happens overnight, but it is prudent for us to take the time to reflect and honor ourselves for all of the progress we have already made.

We have come so far, and I guarantee even if you happen to be the self-critical type, there are many who wish they could be in your very shoes, if only to have the greater self awareness to want to improve and embody more of who they truly are.

You are an incredible being with so much potential to offer, never forget how truly Divine you are just for being you.

About the Author

Ariana luminariAriana is a singer/songwriter/musician, author, Beyond Quantum Healing certified hypnotherapist, and a RYT-200 certified Kundalini Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. She has a true love and passion for music and facilitating spiritual development and healing for herself and others. She has taught many workshops focusing on kundalini yoga, as well as pranayama (breath work), meditation and mantra practices. She is a guide for spiritual development, while knowing herself to be a perpetual student of the the school of life. Ariana believes in living her truth, and striving to bring truth, light, and love into all aspects of her life. She happily acts in service of our universal family. She is planting seeds to awaken and expand the collective consciousness, in gratitude for this precious life experience. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel, follow her on Instagram, book a hypnotherapy session with Ariana here, or contact her directly here