Ozone Therapy Health Benefits Your Energy Levels, Immunity, Cells, Circulation & More

Above every vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, polyphenol and phytochemical your body needs water and oxygen to survive and thrive. We often get caught up in the hot vitamin or superfood of the month but can overlook the essentials that our health needs to thrive. Oxygen is one of those vital nutrients. Without oxygen your life doesn’t last too long at all. Unfortunately we live in a polluted world. The air that we breathe and the water that we drink are quite inundated with pollutants and carcinogenic chemicals. Ozone therapy is a form of therapy that gives your body more readily available pure oxgyen to consume.

It’s as if you’re giving your body doses of oxygen. You give your body vitamins, minerals, herbs and spices that have medicinal value, so why not oxygen as well? Before investing more into ingestible things for your health I would recommend upgrading and boosting oxygen in your body so everything you eat, drink or take in supplement or powder form works even better.

Ozone is simply 3 oxygen molecules. It’s “03” in that sense. It is super oxygen for your body. Unfortunately it’s too much for your lungs to handle by itself. It’s oxidizing to the lungs. Other ares of the body can handle it just fine though. Ozone (remember, 3 parts oxygen) is very powerful for the health of the body.

Ozone Therapy Benefits The Detoxification Pathways & Energy Systems Of The Body

  1. In one clinical review of ozone therapy it activated the Krebs cycle which stimulates the production of ATP. ATP is the molecule that is responsible for intracellular energy transfer. The healthier your production of ATP the more you’ll have high levels of energy consistently.
  2. Ozone improves circulation, oxygen uptake in the body as well as nutrient absorption. This boost in oxygen is something that ALL of us need. Unless you live in pristine forest far away from mankind and are not exposed to environmental pollutants in any way that is!
  3. Ozone helps to eat away at arterial plaque. When the arteries form plaque this constricts blood flow to and from the heart which can lead to a weakened heart and even a heart attack. Healthier flow allows the heart to conserve it’s energy and run more efficiently which better circulates the entire body also!
  4. Ozone therapy strengthens the immune system by boosting white blood cell count. It also works to modulate the immune system. If the immune system is too active (such as autoimmunity) it brings it down, if the immune system is under-active it brings it up. Whatever direction the immune system needs to move the ozone therapy helps move it in that direction.
  5. Ozone increases the amount of available oxygen in your cells. We die in 8 minutes without oxygen. Why is that? Oxygen is responsible for the life and energy of every cell in our body. Ozone helps the red blood cells deliver oxygen to our cells throughout our body more easily and efficiently. Ozone also makes the red blood cells more flexible and fluid so that they can penetrate tissues and organs with blood and oxygen better. This means your cells are healthier overall.
  6. Ozone reduces inflammation effectively. With a boosted influx of blood circulation, oxygen and immune system modulation the body responds much healthier to inflammation to heal faster. I’ve watched videos and read that people actually get ozone injections for pain and inflammation in the body such as in the knees. The results were great. One patient who had no knee cartilage left got ozone injections in her knees and her cartilage grew back over time and she could walk without pain again. Truly remarkable.
  7. Ozone can kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus and even cancer and HIV. Many harmful parasitic organisms in the body such as those listed thrive in an anaerobic environment. An anaerobic environment is an environment void of oxygen. By delivering a boost of oxygen to the cells and entire body this can help to kill any unhealthy cell or organism that is growing in the body. If I had any of the above conditions I would get utilize ozone therapy for sure.
  8. Ozone Reduces acidity in the body and helps to detoxify it as well. Ozone helps to break down uric acid in the body which leads to over-acidity in the body. It also helps to detoxify the body by opening up the circulatory pathways. Oxygen in and of itself helps to purify the blood, body and cells in a complete way.
  9. People are using ozone therapy to treat autoimmune diseases, Lyme disease and even cancer. The immune modulating effects (to bring the immune system up or down, depending on which direction it needs to go in) is very valuable in helping facilitate the treatment of any disease as well as the prevention of it in the first place.
  10. Biohackers are using ozone therapy technology to increase oxygen efficiency and uptake, raise metabolic threshold, and detoxify more efficiently.

How Ozone Therapy Application Works:

Ozone therapy can be applied and utilized in a variety of applications such as…

  1. Ozone therapy injections (you must visit a specialist for this)
  2. Rectal Ozone Therapy (the oxygen gets right into your colon and begins cleaning your gut)
  3. Vaginal Ozone Therapy (this is another easy way to get ozone into the body without damaging the lungs)
  4. Ozone Water (Believe it or not you can make ozone water and drink it. Simply03.com has these available!)
  5. Ear Insufflation Ozone Therapy (With this the ozone goes in through your ears!)Each one of these ozone therapies above (with the exception of #1 ozone injections) is what you are able to do at home with your own ozone generator machine from Simply03.com here.

A Great Understanding Of Ozone Therapy From One Of The Top Experts in The World

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