Reality Alchemy – How to Shape Reality By Using Your Thoughts, Words, and Actions

You are already a magician and probably don’t even realize it.

In everyday waking life, our day-to-day experience can seem quite mundane. We probably are used to going through the motions for most of the day, from the moment we wake up to the moment we rest our head on our pillow.

However, there is an extraordinary amount of untapped potential for how magical and surreal our lives can really be. The manifestation magic that we have at our disposal is limitless in its potential.

Once we purify our vessels, in order to be more in tune with the subtle energies, we are able to not only shape our reality, but also shift into other realities that we wish to experience.

As unbelievable as this may seem, it is our limiting beliefs that will stop us from being able to experience the wide horizon of possibility.

What Is Reality Alchemy?

“Alchemy is the Science of Life, of Consciousness. The alchemist knows that there is a very solid link between matter, life, and consciousness. Alchemy is the art of manipulating life and consciousness in matter to help it evolve or solve the problems of inner disharmony.”

-Jean Dubois

Regardless of where the word ‘alchemy’ began (it likely has ancient Egyptian origins), it has come to mean a very special form of inner development. The words ‘magic’ and ‘imagination’ both have at their root ‘mag’ so we can see there is a connection between our imagination, or the power of our thoughts, and the transformation of reality.

For a magician, or even an alchemist, the universe is perceived as a reflection of the imagination of the Source consciousness. Its laws are consistent and logical, and if we are fractal expressions of that Source, then we can also create as it has – through the power of imagination. Focused and strong imagination creates stress on the ‘fabric’ of the universe, drawing to it magnetic power, and allowing for the actualization of our thoughts-forms.

The fundamental ideas of magic and alchemy are also found in Eastern yoga, and they are also the basis for modern spirituality, as well as hypnotherapy, guided visualizations for improving mental & physical health, affirmations, and a wide array of other psycho-spiritual practices.

If you have ever heard of the Law of Attraction and practiced affirmations, visualizations, and other thought-based tools that shift the way you perceive things, you have taken part in the alchemical process.

It’s Time to Alchemize

The world is within a small window of opportunity during a transition and a choice point. We can help with shifting the trajectory of the collective consciousness towards a bright future rather than a dystopia. The tools we have are our thoughts, words, and actions. 

This is the trifecta of power that our consciousness wields to shape and alchemize Reality. There has perhaps never been a more important time to unlock and activate our inner alchemical powers than right now. That is why I have designed a course to help with exactly that.

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What Is Covered

Here is what you will learn from this course:

  • Manifestation Magic: The Power of Thought
  • The Alchemy of Thought
  • How Emotions Affect Specific Areas of Our Bodies
  • The Proven Effects of Thoughts and Consciousness on Health
  • Achieving Positive Outcomes From Negative Thoughts
  • How to Create the Reality You Want
  • How Negative Emotions Affect Your Life Force on Subtle Levels
  • The Essence of Attraction
  • Communicating With Our Inner Being
  • Manifestation Magic: The Power of Words
  • How Sounds Creates Form
  • How Words Affect Living Things
  • Words and Their Effect on Water
  • Minimizing the Ego’s Interference with Reality Alchemy
  • Understanding the True Meaning of Words
  • Manifestation Magic: The Power of Action
  • Overcoming Obstacles By Taking Action
  • Advanced Reality Alchemy
  • Parallel Reality Jumping
  • Our Interconnected Quantum Entanglement
  • How to Jump Into a Parallel Reality
  • Why Parallel Reality Jumping Is So Effective
  • How to Improve the Effectiveness of Reality Jumping
  • Having an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Guidelines for Reality Alchemy
  • The Two Paths of Magic

What You Get

The course consists of several modules that contain a mixture of videos showing specific exercises and practices, guided audio manifestation meditations, a course workbook, as well as the option to receive a live private Q&A video call.

  • Video presentations you can replay again and again from any device. Get actionable strategies, tips & resources to use.
  • A 60-page workbook for the course partitioned into modules so you can learn at your own pace.
  • MP3 recordings so you can listen anywhere. Save, play, archive & learn at your own pace.
  • Recommended assignments and exercises to support your training
  • Guided practices with Paul Luminari
  • Additional support via e-mail after the course
  • Private Q&A Zoom or Skype session after the course (optional)
  • Advanced Reality Alchemy mini-course (FREE BONUS)

If you want to learn about the secrets of alchemizing the reality you experience using real and accessible consciousness-based magic, then the Reality Alchemy course is for you.

2024 Update: Reality Alchemy is currently closed to new applicants. It will be re-opened soon.

Become a Reality Alchemist for yourself and for humanity. Let’s co-create an amazing future together!

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