Reclaiming the Sovereignty of Our Minds


None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As the mainstream matrix of society approaches becoming completely out of sync with the nature of the original Spark, our instruments (mind, body, spirit) are purposely being made out of tune with the organic source of life. The evolution of human consciousness through artificial and synthetic means is promoted over natural ways. This can eventually lead to the creation of a completely controlled culture and humanity. A restrictive education system and the media’s so-called news facilitate the molding of our opinions by misinforming and dis-informing (truth mixed with lies makes for the most convincing manipulation).

There is a reason why imagination is not encouraged in schools. The rewards are directed to people who will play the game, not those who dream outside of it. The goal appears to be the controlling of our consciousness, directing our energy and thought-forms away from us and towards a parasitic matrix. However, the siphoning only works if you agree to it, consciously or unconsciously.

Would you like to be free and reclaim your sovereignty? Then let’s co-create a new culture and stay mindfully aware of elements that will undoubtedly do their best to co-opt it and farm it for their benefit and our loss. And by a new culture I mean a truly new culture. It appears that sometimes even the so-called Alternative Community that believes it’s disclosing secrets of the repressive matrix doesn’t realize it is selling the propaganda better than the opposing consciousness could because of its appearance as a grassroots movement to uncover the truth of our reality. Mindfulness and awareness-expanding meditation can assist us in being aware of masterful manipulations and I highly suggest it as a powerful tool to reclaim the sovereignty of your mind.

Awakening by Coleman Hampton
Awakening by Coleman Hampton

Humans are easily influenced. Most of us fall into the first net of psychological manipulation, which is the mainstream cultural matrix mentioned earlier. However, there is a second net that is as powerful as the first, if not more. This second net catches those who have become awakened to the lies that have been fed to them their entire lives. It catches those who have rejected the misleading and the polluting of their minds. However, those who have rejected that matrix have accepted a new matrix that they have invested their trust in.

The reason is a human one, so it is not difficult to understand why this happens but it’s important to realize it does happen. Those who reject anything from the mainstream but openly accept almost anything that comes out of the alternative community are being played by a sophisticated construct or program that has been specifically crafted to work for those who have fell through the holes of the first net. People caught in this net believe with great conviction they have discovered the truth but by not employing the tools they have been given (reasoning & critical thinking, for example), they become so convinced that it is difficult for them to see they are being fooled and supporting the consciousness that feeds on them to survive. The repressive system is well aware of this psychological underpinning and uses it to its benefit as to cover all bases. Masterful manipulation indeed.

It is very difficult for someone who feels they are enlightened to be open to the possibility that they have only been cleverly convinced they are enlightened. For example, by attaching a benevolent group of non-terrestrial beings to the original agenda it becomes re-infornced. Those who actively yearn for seeing reality the way it is, or hope it is, are captured into the matrix control system of the corrupted opposing consciousness that thrives by taking away our power and sovereignty.

Inner Space by Carlos Quevedo
Inner Space by Carlos Quevedo

This is not to say that those who are active voices in the alternative culture necessarily have ill intent. After all, your parents didn’t tell you that the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus were real because they had a nefarious agenda to advance. If you believe there are benevolent non-terrestrial beings out there, then understand that if they were the enlightened beings you see them as they would probably be aware of the natural universal laws, free will, and karma which would bar them from trying to “save you” from yourselves.

The way we become liberated is by standing up and refusing the System’s control and guidance and instead accepting the responsibility of our thoughts, emotions and actions for ourselves. All the information you need is out there. What is not out there is within you. And remember, the details matter less than what you do with the lessons.

We are strongest when we are fully in our power, because the power we contain within is part of the same power that is the reason this beautiful reality exists in the first place. We are only powerless if we believe we are. We are born with free will and it’s our duty to stand up and liberate ourselves. We have voluntarily accepted and, in a way, enjoyed being controlled and (mis)guided for so long that no group or individual is going to help us anymore than they already have. We’ve been given all the tools we need to understand how we are being suppressed, used, and manipulated. Now is the time for us to withdraw our consent from these controlling forces.

Have courage to blaze your own path, because the only ones who will take you by the hand to guide you are those who will do so towards their own self-serving desires. The game was designed to be unwinnable. The way you win is to not play. Ultimately, you control you. The choice of action is still yours. You can take back control.

It was 200 years ago during another major transition phase in human evolution that Enlightenment philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau declared that “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains.” Today, this statement still rings true when we look at all the various systems of control humans have constructed from their imaginariums and imprinted into human society.

Place yourself in the position of an extraterrestrial species conducting an anthropological study of humans living on Earth. What do you think their conclusions will be? If we take a step back and look at the violations of our sovereignty over the span of our recorded history, we will see that the path of our actions has been leading to a future where it may be better to not even imagine the level of dystopia, yet it is a very real possibility if we don’t make different choices moving forward. This is especially poignant considering our level of technology has surpassed our level of maturity in using it.


Let’s get really lucid for a moment. Will we choose the path to our own survival as a species or will we choose extinction? Regardless of our level of perception, spiritual beliefs, political beliefs or affiliations, culture or any other variable, this is a choice we are all faced with…the survival of a species…of humanity.

Humanity is at a Choice Point. Do we have the courage to throw away the shackles of oppression? If we truly wish to transition into an egalitarian society and an enlightened age then the choice is obvious. It’s time to end the collective hallucination. We need to wake up and smell the coffee. The physical universe is an extremely hostile environment to us. If we don’t maintain the safe cultivation zone that is Earth, then that’s the end of human existence. This is certainly not a comfortable thing to consider but riding into the future on a burning freight train with guns ablazing believing everything will work itself out is foolish.


Fear and love are the two major motivators of our actions. We have the choice to either listen to fear when it tells us to cut off the bad parts or we can listen to love when it tells us to heal the bad parts. Will we be constructive or destructive? Again, it’s our decision to make and hopefully we will not succumb to our primal aspects dictating our actions. The world around us is a reflection, a mirror showing us who we are. To change our world, we must change ourselves. We need to get a good look at the wounds we still have as a collective consciousness, otherwise we will repeat the mistakes of the past and this time, the consequences may be lethal.

Take a look back at entirety of recorded history and feel the gravity of the statement that this is the most transformational period in our history on this blue marble. This is the time of transition into a new paradigm. Live presently in a way that elevates the peace, love, and happiness and reduces suffering on this planet. We’re on this galactic starcraft together and during our time on it why not do what we can to activate the hyperdrive towards a harmonious and enlightened existence?

Within all of us is the power to determine the course we will take. It all starts with our free-willed conscious choice. The choice we make then inspires. The inspiration then spreads through the collective consciousness. Once it permeates, we visualize and actualize a redirected course, a different way. The dawn of the new day can be an incredibly bright one, but we need to individually and collective take an active role in creating that bright future present.



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