ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating Our Future


As an organization doing its part in the accelerating of humanity’s collective evolution and the imprinting of a conscious culture over the existing paradigm, we are excited to learn about a new crowdfunding project that is an official collaboration between Jamaica Stevens (Founder of Tribal Convergence and Awaken) and Keyframe Entertainment called ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating Our Future. With 13 days left in the crowdfunding campaign and being 1/3 of the way there, we’d like to spread the word about this ambitious project that will help in redesigning society in a way in which we are in harmony, balance, and coherence with the planet and with each other.

ReInhabiting the Village is a multi-media community resource project co-created by an alliance of visionary partners sharing their knowledge and experience. Rooted in holistic living principles, this project offers an inspiring roadmap and blueprint for building a legacy for our future through the shared development of social technology tools, innovative templates, models, resources and information that are useful to communities everywhere.

What is ReInhabiting the Village?


After years of building a network of allies through festivals, leadership summits, collaborative projects, and community development there exists a rich body of materials, models, best practices, approaches, and templates to holistic living and community vitality. This information has been documented, practiced and now is ready to be shared to support other communities to flourish from the experience and insight of contributing authors.

The book and online resource directory are essentially a living library of information and resources about projects, organizations, and people who are working every day for a healthy people and a healthy planet. This project features over 40 Contributing Authors including; Artists, Economists, Permaculture Experts, Facilitators, Educators, Visionaries, Natural Builders, Event Producers, Healers, Indigenous Elders and Thought Leaders, Ecologists, Technology Developers and Community Organizers through this project.

Contributing Authors

Luke Holden, Steven Michael Ehlinger II, Akira Chan, Mark Lakeman, Saphir Lewis, Brandi Veil, Jesse Fiedler, Samantha Sweetwater, Wesley Pinkham, Simon Yugler, David Casey, Nicky LaFleur, Rua Kelli Klein, Nate Hogan [Nature], Nick Algee, Niema Lightseed and more to come.

Contributing Artists

Autumn Skye, Jessica Pearlstein, Raul Castillas, Krystaleyez, Mark Henson, David Heskins, Darren Minke, and moreon their way.

Themes Covered


As a sign of gratitude for helping crowdfund this project they’re giving away some fantastic things such as a ReInhabiting the Village book and workbook, the Electronic Awakening DVD documenting the spirituality of the conscious festival culture, Lucidity Festival tickets, and the well-known Third Eye Pinecones you’ve definitely come across if you go to many of the transformational festivals happening these days.


We fully support this project and encourage everyone else that feels the same to pitch in. What projects like this are doing is essentially crowdsourcing the new conscious paradigm culture. Co-creation is the key to birthing the new humanity. This project will only be funded if at least $30,300 is pledged by Sun, Dec 14 2014 so head over to the project’s Kickstarter to watch a video explaining more and become a co-creator in something that will strengthen the ability to actualize the collective efforts of intentional evolutionaries such as those involved with this. The future is ours to create.

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