Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song – Heart Of Perfect Wisdom [Mantra Music]

samuel farrand visionary art

This week’s addition to our Healing Sounds collections comes from Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song entitled Heart Of Perfect Wisdom.

This beautiful chant is by the vocal group On Wings of Song directed by Robert Gass. “Heart of Perfect Wisdom” features chanting by the men’s choir; it’s deep and full of Zen overtones, Tibetan bells, and singing bowls which produce extremely low frequencies.

The sounds are so massive, the piece will almost massage your body. The is piece is based on a Sanskrit chant which translates:

“Gone, gone. Gone beyond. Gone beyond the beyond. Hail to the awakened one!”

To get the maximum benefits from this extraordinarily powerful mantra music, sit in meditation, with your eyes closed. Play this using either headphones or a sound system at a higher level, to allow for the words and vibrations to wash over you.

The vocals are incredibly soothing and emotive. You may be moved to tears of bliss. When the introduction of the accompanying female choir occurs, there is a powerful transformation in the energy, which you are going to really enjoy.

This is best listened to from start to finish, without jumping forwards or backwards. Allow this mantra to become a meditation…ride its waves and allow if to nurture your soul.

The mantra itself is profound. If refers to the our own Self-realization, the embodied realization that we are part of the infinite conscious creative force of Reality, one in the same…a fractal of the Source consciousness…the awakened One, the Infinite that we are all apart of. What an extraordinary opportunity to be alive, be aware, exist!

You can even make a daily meditation practice out of this beautiful piece of mantra music, listening to it every day, benefiting from its beautiful harmonics.

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