Selflessness is the focusing on the needs of others, rather than on one’s self. It is the practice of being unselfish and minimizing the gratification of the ego’s wants and desires.

A neuropsychological connection has been discovered in regards to selflessness. A University of Missouri study has demonstrated that selflessness, which is a core of all major world belief systems, has a neuropsychological connection. The study has data to support a neuropsychological model that proposes spiritual experiences associated with selflessness are related to decreased activity in the right parietal lobe of the brain. Researchers say the implication of this connection means people in many disciplines, including peace studies, health care or spiritual paths can learn different ways to attain selflessness, to experience transcendence, and to help themselves and others.

This study, along with other recent neuroradiological studies of Buddhist meditators and Francescan nuns, suggests that all individuals, regardless of cultural background or religion, experience the same neuropsychological functions during spiritual experiences, such as transcendence. Transcendence, feelings of universal unity and decreased sense of self (ego), is a core tenet of all major belief systems. Meditation and compassion are the primary vehicles by which such spiritual transcendence is achieved. No single belief system is the holder of this Reality.

The study suggests that selflessness can be learned by decreasing activity in the right parietal lobe of the brain. This can be done through conscious effort, such as through meditation. People with these selfless spiritual experiences also are more psychologically healthy, especially if they have positive beliefs that there is a source of all reality or if there is some sort of loving grand force.

How to Become Selfless

  • Focus on the well-being of others
  • When you receive a gift, offer it to your family and friends to benefit from it, if possible
  • When you are with friends or family, always let others chose their most preferred activity and support them in fully enjoying what they all love to do
  • When you have a delicious food, offer it to others and ask them if they would love to have some
  • When you have money left over after paying all the really basic needs, share with those who have nothing or far less and take for you whatever is left after sharing
  • When you want to be more happy, focus more on creating happiness in others
  • When you realize there are many needs and limited resources, fulfill the needs of all others first
  • Clean up your own life and surrender a fully healed body, heart, mind and soul to others when entering a relationship
  • Be ready to share any amount of time needed by others whenever they need
  • When you have employees, think of their overall well-being first
  • When you have a housemaid or helper in your home, treat them like with love and dignity, like any other beloved family member
  • Be happy with your life and with whatever you are offered by others, whenever you are sure to give your very best possible you are receiving exactly what ever you need for your greatest possible spiritual benefit