SHIFT Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary!

On March 13th, 2023 SHIFT officially turns 10!

It’s a surreal moment to reflect back on where we were, pausing at contemplating where we’re at, and visioning the future of where we will be. As the founder of SHIFT, I’d like to take some time to share about the past, present, and future of our transformation-oriented organization that’s focused on personal and collective evolution.



The Past

Shift started on March 13th, 2013 initially as a social sharing site of inspiring and thought-provoking content and since then has transitioned into a curator and creator of content focused on personal growth, collective evolution, healthy living, unmasking the nature of Reality, self-healing, and wellness.

In 2015, we established our first major social transformation initiative, the Shift Collective, which was a network of new paradigm culture creators. We have sunset the Shift Collective because our vision has become much bigger, and I will share about that in a little bit.

The Present

You may have noticed that SHIFT has not been as active in publishing articles in the past couple of years. The period of 2020-2022 was unprecedented in the history of humanity and likewise there was a lot of change and transformation occurring for people and society as a whole, including a lot of collective shadow work, transmutation, and integration.

I leveraged the opportunities during that period to become even more sovereign, go deeper into the Great Work (and inner work), and refine my focus because it has shifted as we left the window between December 21st, 2012 and December 21st, 2022.

Since the most recent winter solstice (or summer solstice as we call it in the Southern Hemisphere where I now reside) there has begun to be a different energy emerging that I believe will only amplify and become more anchored into the tapestry of collective human consciousness. It is a signal to me that the time is here for the next phase in the consciousness shift I have been speaking and teaching about for over 15 years now, and that others have been focused on for way longer than that.

Currently, SHIFT is being restructured and redesigned on the backend, and will soon reveal its updated focus and form.

For now, join the SHIFT Telegram channel where I regularly share content that is relevant to the overall mission of SHIFT, which is the personal and collective evolution of humanity.

You can also explore my overall work on my newly redesigned website Evolving Mandala, which will continue to expand as well to encompass what I am working on and offering.

Conscious Shopping

Together with Wake Up World founder Ryan Mullins, I have launched Conscious Shopping.

We have been educating and inspiring people within the conscious community for over a decade (12 years for Wake Up World and 10 years for SHIFT), and have published thousands of articles (8,000 for Wake Up World and 1,000 for SHIFT) during that time. We have seen our efforts result in tremendous impacts on peoples’ lives, and are now expanding our mission even further.

Essentially, we established a shop where we offer conscious products for conscious people. What this means is that we undergo a thorough process of quality assurance to ensure we are offering products that help improve peoples’ daily lives in as pure of a way as is possible. While we live in a world that is no longer a pristine place as it once was before modern industry emerged, we can at least minimize the bad stuff from our bodies and fields as much as possible. That is the underlying basis for what we do at Conscious Shopping.

Our mission is to help you have the best life you can with products allowing you to feel as expansive as possible. We will continue to expand our collection of products every week, and are always open to suggestions as well.

Let’s change the world for the better through the choices we make. Let’s live consciously.

The Future



The future of SHIFT will still be centered on personal and collective evolution. However, the focus will become more refined, placing emphasis on the development of a new conscious paradigm blueprint. Think something in terms of a civilization starter kit for the next phase of humanity’s evolution on its long-term path of supramental transformation.

Blueprints For a Conscious Civilization

I am currently developing specs and the blueprints of replicable models and systems that can be scaled out in a fractalized way where individuals, villages, communities, and distributed networks of social clusters and nodes can thrive in an optimal way while avoiding the breakdowns that occur when systems become too big without taking into account the fractal nature of Reality (think Dunbar’s number and an applied fibonacci sequence and naturally encoded ratios).

SHIFT will highlight these blueprints and their aspects, placing emphasis on actionable steps that individuals and groups can take to be active rather than passive in co-creating a more enlightened and aware regenerative and thriving system on this planet everyone benefits from and within.

This is a progress that will take a few years to complete, but will begin to be provided as a living resource soon. The scope will end up being massive because it entails nothing less than the mapping out of everything a society and civilization needs to thrive for the long-term in an optimal way.

I look forward to also collaborating with others who have the same vision, and if you’re interested, you can message me over at Instagram, on Telegram or email me.

Conscious Network

There is also a “network of networks” I am developing with a key partner whose goal is to connect everyone who is on a path of deliberate and intentional conscious evolution, and do so online but with the goal of connecting offline.

This network will enable anyone who is doing something that is helping anchor in a new conscious paradigm, from as hands-on as you can get to as etheric as that may also go, to become an attractor beacon for others who find value in what they are offering.

We are calling it Conscious Network.

You can join the waitlist for now and get notified when we launch. If you’re a conscious creator, you can also find out about how to share what you have to offer with the emerging conscious world.

SHIFT will place a spotlight on conscious creators who are showcasing their offerings on Conscious Network in order to amplify the impact and reach they have.

A Hub for Conscious Nodes

All in all, I envision SHIFT becoming a hub for this emerging conscious society. This also means the website design itself will undergo a radical redesign in order to match its new focus and emphasis on real-world steps being taken to co-create the better world visionaries like you and I see is possible. We’re planning on expanding out into an entire conscious ecosystem over the coming decade for the foundational groundwork of a (at first) parallel conscious society that will aspire to continually become the best version of itself possible.

It is time for us to become resilient in every single way, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride between where we are and where we’re going. That’s just the way these massive cyclic shifts go. The more resilient and self-sufficient we as individuals and communities are, the better equipped we are at not just surviving what’s happening and what’s coming, but actually thriving in ways that sometimes may even seem unimaginable right now.

The Sleepers Have Awakened

I have seen an exponential increase in awakened awareness within the human noosphere since the late 2000s, with a significant acceleration within the past few years. While there are certainly traps and nets newly-awakened people tend to fall into (and sometimes souls who awoke decades ago), it’s my belief most of them will feel the discordance and make a course correction, which I have also been witnessing in recent times.

I believe we are within a window over the next two years (2023-2025), followed by roughly another 15 years (2025-2040) of complete and fundamental restructuring of the entirely of society (including the collapse of the house of cards that is the current matrix control system). This means the time is now to create a parallel society that will be there for when the old one phases out.

We’re called SHIFT for a reason. We exist to help anchor in a conscious new paradigm that’s founded on harmony, unity, and balance. This means within us and within society.

The collective consciousness shift has become more apparent for an increasing number of people as we move into a new chapter in humanity’s existence that brings with it tremendous challenges, as well as opportunities. The choices we make in this delicate time of transition will decide our future for a long time to come.

We see immense hope for not only a bright future but a future that transcends all existing models for what we can achieve.

I look forward to sharing more about our journey into the future present. In the meantime, check back occasionally to see what we’re doing and also join our Telegram channel.

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