The Universal Beat




The Universal Beat is an awakened apparel company focusing on the expansion of consciousness through community, sustainability, and meditation. Commercially-grown cotton is one the biggest pesticide-rich crops (and highly GMO) on the planet. We provide a sustainable alternative with high vibrational clothing printed on organic bamboo shirts, the softest and highest quality shirt we’ve found.


We are helping to create a conscious hippy village from scratch in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado, where we currently own five acres and a converted school bus.


Those who have gone to conscious festivals and gatherings have gotten a taste of the power of being around other awakened beings. The biggest problem with these gatherings is that they end. We are working to make this atmosphere a way of life.
Please contact us if you’re interested in co-creating and playing with us in Southern Colorado. You can get land for $50 down/$50 a month, $3-4k total.

If you like the art, support us and get one of our sacred geometry t-shirts.

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