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About the Festival

Envision is an annual gathering in Costa Rica that seeks to provide a platform for different cultures to inspire one another to co-create sustainable community and practice yoga, spirituality, art, music, dance performance, education and acknowledge our fundamental connection with nature.

At the festival’s core, the Envision organizers are leaders of a sustainable permaculture movement that is blossoming throughout Costa Rica. With initiatives such as banning single use tableware in lieu of bamboo and banana leaf alternatives, a festival wide composting system, green building and multiple spaces dedicated entirely to environmental education, it is clear that the intention runs deep. Costa Rica, a world leader in eco-local awareness, serves as the perfect backdrop for such initiatives and the festival itself is designed to provide an example of a style of communal living that is more attainable than ever in an impressively hospitable living and lush growing environment.

By bringing people together through music, art and sacred movement Envision presents opportunities to celebrate our spirits, heal our bodies and minds, and revitalize our souls to face the challenges and realize the opportunities of our rapidly changing world.

About the Location

Envision takes place on the Southern Coast of Costa Rica –  a truly magical place where the rain forested mountains meet the warm Pacific Ocean.

The zone exemplifies exotic paradise –  boasting a wealth of adventure and exploration amidst verdant jungle and warm ocean waters. As the most biodiverse place on Earth it literally buzzes with life.  The people here are gracious and friendly, making it easy to get around, find what you need, and experience the local culture.

Envision’s Eco-Initiatives

The festival shows Costa Rica to the world as a leader in eco-local consciousness. By using local vendors and suppliers for everything from building materials to organic produce and artwork, the community involvement will enrich each guest’s individual experiences. Promoting local businesses builds sustainable prosperity for the local community.

Envision has partnered with Community Carbon Trees and has helped to contribute at least the equivalent of 5% of all ticket sales to support their cause. Here is a message from Founder and President, Jennifer Smith.

“If we are truly to create lasting solutions to the environmental problems facing the planet, we have to do MORE than plant trees for global warming. . . . Ideally, we also have to find ways to preserve local communities and cultures, while immediately rebuilding deforested soils, wildlife corridors and protecting watersheds and old growth forests. This work is especially important in countries like Costa Rica where there still exist intact stretches of primary jungle along the coast which, in turn, influence the oceans and marine life, together so vital to the overall stability of our global climate”.
Community Carbon Trees offers the following synchronized solutions.

  •     Sequester tons of carbon dioxide and other fossil fuels year after year
  •     Create biological corridors connecting fragmented rainforest to insure wildlife and species survival
  •     Protect rivers, streams and natural water springs from drying effects of equatorial sun
  •     Stabilize and repair damaged lands to prevent landslides
  •     Preserve local species of rare native trees and medicinal plants through seed collection networks
  •     Provide organic food for humans and animals alike
  •     Empower Tico landowners to engage in widespread, multi-species reforestation of degraded pasture land
  •     Provide Costa Rican “Tico” landowners with a way to earn good income off their land without engaging in destructive farming practices or real estate development
  •     Produce alternative, sustainable sources of rare tropical hardwoods through selected thinning and continued management to improve growth rates and carbon sequestration
  •     Fairly employ local Costa Ricans in a conscientious, cooperative endeavour
  •     Educate young and old, foreign and local as to value of preserving existing rainforest and regenerating what has been destroyed
  •     Establish integrated community cooperation and responsibility for the rainforest and its products
  •     Preserve local customs and Pura Vida ways of life

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