Three Days of Light Gathering

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Produced by Emergence Earth, 3DL is a three day music and healing arts festival designed according to the principle mission, or “Four Pillars” of Emergence Earth: Sustainability, Natural Health and Wellness, Personal/Spiritual Development, and Community and Culture. With a mission to give attendees tools and resources that can help them live more empowered, inspired, and exciting lives, 3DL provides a support space for people to be conscious Earth and community stewards. Offering over 50 play and lecture-based experiential workshops based on the Four Pillars including permaculture, yoga, meditation, sacred geometry, crystal healing, sound therapy, personal body and energy healing practices, poetry, flow arts (fire spinning, poi, hula) and much more, 3DL’s purpose is to inspire attendees into being their highest selves. There is also a youth village, a healing village, a community art gallery, and an auction to raise money for art programs that focus on working with underprivileged and at-risk youth. 3DL will feature a wide variety of local and internationally-recognized DJ’s, bands, and live performing artists.

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