Sun Eagle

sun eagle

About Sun Eagle

Out of the forest and through sunshine of a distant time, Sun Eagle awakens. A duo based out of Michigan, fusing together electric organic sounds, cosmic and expansive, yet earthly and grounded. Their live sound composes of live synthesizer and guitar looping, channeling the energy of the present moment and space, allowing every performance to flow in a special way. Gathering inspiration from the plants, animals, dreams, spirit, and all our relations. Co-creating an open space for others to dance, feel, create, breathe, and blossom in the present. Flying through the galaxies of body, mind and heart, unfolding the sonic vibrations of star shine. With love and positive intentions, Sun Eagle creates a unique and inspiring experience for all.

On top of sharing a live space as often as they can through the music, they also will be hosting two intentional and transformative gatherings this year in South Haven, MI. This will be the first year doing this but they have plenty of past experience in this area and feel it is important to bring these feelings out for others. The first gathering this spring will be called Dream Walk Camp Out and there will also be a 3 day gathering in August called Dream Walk Gathering. Sun Eagle hopes to begin planting seeds to bring the local community together in a space of inspiration and co creation, as well as in a sustainable way.



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