Annie Kyla Bennett


Artist Statement

I approach art inspired by cymatics and neurochemistry, alchemy and shamanism, the tao, and surreal, symbolic, street and visionary artists before and with me. I create artworks as talismans to help bring our brain waves into resonance with meditative and loving frequencies. By combining emotionally relevant images and characters from philosophy, mythic incarnation and metaphor with mathematical truths, patterns and processes from nature, I create to inspire interstellar journeys and experiments in thought. I synchronize ideas in harmonic hues to unveil the connections between feeling, experience, and information, to aid in decoding emotional language. I create, for my family, as a conduit through which Mind at Large can flow to help us recognize and realize our potential and purpose, our individual dances to freedom. I work like a honey bee, fly like a bird, and love like the burning sun.


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