Karen Elsworth

Yolandra Crystalline light being
Yolandra Crystalline light being


Karen Elsworth’s art  is a reflection of her own inner journey  ~ an exploration into the visionary realms of light and frequency.   Her work  contains the presence of luminous beings of light, often surrounded or interspersed with geometric patterns mandalas and symbols of transformation. Her work offers a glimpse into the inner realms, The dimensions of light and frequency  that are at once both commanding yet uplifting,  radiating energies of love.

“I painted my first Guide in 1993 and began to develop a relationship where I could receive imagery. The visions would play out like a movie in my head vivid and beautiful. It was a special time of awakening remembering and discovering a whole realm of consciousness. Over the next few years I began painting guides for others.

I have explored various paths with my Art but have always been pulled back to the spiritual aspect.

My work has always been about the other worlds or realms, whether in a mythical sense or a more spiritual focus.  Obtaining a formal art eduction in 91 led me to follow sculpture and explore ways of communicating the link between this reality and the otherworldly realms. “

karen elsworth artThough primarily a self taught artist Karen was proffesionally trained in clay sculpture where she learnt to channel her ideas into 3D form. She obtained her BAA degree at North Tec Whangarei and gained valuable experience working with national and international sculptors and artists. She has been a live in artist at the Quarry Art Centre Northland where she collaborated & taught with artist Mike O Donnell and worked alongside many other prominent NZ artists. Karen has worked as a full time sculptor artist and taught various classes on sculpture and life drawing and portrait drawing at both the Northland Craft Centre and The Northland Society of Fine Arts

Returning to her first love of painting  Karen is now exploring the digital art realm…where she also paints commissioned work for clients helping them connect to their personal guides.

Karen still involves herself in traditional painting as well the practice of utilizing different mediums continuing to practice and explore with traditional mediums and techniques alongside the digital work creates a relationship that strengthens her art.

karen elsworth

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