Shift from the head to the heart with this Osho meditation

Just take a deep breath. Feel it hitting in the middle of
the chest. Feel as if the whole existence is pouring into
you, into your heart. Do it at least five times – deep
breaths; take it in, fill the heart. Just feel in the heart
center that existence is pouring in vitality, life.

Now exhale deeply, again from the heart, and feel
you are pouring all that has been given to you back into
existence. Do it many times in the day, but whenever you
do it, do five breaths at once.

That will help you to shift from the head to the heart.
And you will become more and more sensitive, more and
more aware of many things of which you have not been
aware. You will smell more, taste more, touch more, see
more, hear more; everything will become intense. You will
start feeling life really throbbing in you, ready to jump,
ready to flow.


Excerpted from The Zero Experience