Social Transformation

Social transformation is the process of positive progressive growth of the transpersonal collective consciousness of humanity. By changing one’s self, an individual changes society as a whole, thanks largely to the reality of interconnected oneness in which everything and everyone affects everything and everyone else. We transform society by transforming ourselves. Social transformation on a global transpersonal level can only come about if we all work together to achieve such goals.

At the very least, there must be a passionate and extropically-mindful group of individuals who see that humanity is still very young and is just now pushing out of the Stone Age of Consciousness and into a yet-to-be-determined future where the principles of oneness and unity are truly felt and expressed by humanity.

Social transformation can come in small and frequent shifts or in massive quantum leaps. No matter in what manner such positive and progressive change occurs, one can rest assured that the transformative process has been occurring ever since humanity began and most recently has been seen to be progressing faster than ever before. A college-aged individual today, when told of the existence of segregation of different races in America only five decades ago, will be dumbfounded that such an era even existed in such recent history where some elements of humanity believed in such peculiar things.

It’s as if time is speeding up, or perhaps slowing down but we feel more is occurring in less time. The transformative process is constant, like the flow of a river. Those who see that there is so much more in store for the human consciousness than what is currently in existence; those who see humanity is still a toddler in the cradle of consciousness, can envision how much more can be changed, shifted, and evolved.

From Carl Jung’s research all the way to post-modern scientific studies on consciousness, it is seen that humans, the environment, the entire universe and perhaps multiverse is interconnected, both in seen and unseen ways. Whatever affects one aspect of Reality, affects the whole of reality. In this way, when even one person’s position of awareness is shifted, or just a handful of individuals’ perceptions of reality are modified, then these will directly affect the global human consciousness, as a whole.

Each individual, no matter who he or she is, can influence the future of our timeline. There is no cause that does not effect. Influence is constant. No person should feel that he or she is unable to assist in the process of social transformation. Everyone is able to do his or her part. With ignorance being replaced with awareness, more and more people can become understanding of the current state of humanity and the positive and progressive potential that it has.

Our actions and reactions are like ripples in an infinite ocean, spreading out and affecting all that is beyond them. In this same way, even the simple existence within happiness, or the feeling of joy, can positively affect others and make others feel happy or joyful, as a Harvard University and UC San Diego study has demonstrated. As Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis, a physician and medical sociologist at Harvard who co-wrote the study said, “your emotional state depends not just on actions and choices that you make, but also on actions and choices of other people, many of which you don’t even know.”

Not only happiness, but also ecstasy, love, and other higher states of consciousness directly affect others around us in positive ways, because of the universal reality that everything is ultimately One. The interconnected nature of all things and beings means that the higher the energy fields and consciousness states experienced by those around us, the higher our own energy fields and state of consciousness will be.

If you can shift global consciousness through things such as intention meditations or focuses towards higher states of consciousness, these raised states in you will be reflected in the rest of humanity, because of the reality that we are all interconnected and so we all affect each others’ state of being.

With the awareness of cymatics, it has become quite apparent that perhaps one of the greatest and most powerful tools for a social transformation is music. It has the power to move a person’s being like very few other forces. It is something that can transcend mere words and talk and express itself directly through feelings, emotions, and sensations.

For faster and grander social transformation, more music and dance events should exist that are centered around peace, love, happiness, and all-round positive energy. A way in which one can use music to assist in positive and progressive social transformation is to be a part of music festivals, raves, concerts, and other demonstrations of positive musical harmonics. By attending and being a part of such gatherings, one is able to stream the positive energy from one’s consciousness into the coherent global unified Whole.

By being selective in what one buys, social transformation can occur at record speeds in capitalist societies. Capitalism “makes the world go ’round” these days. Since this is still the case, one way to promote positive social transformation is to be selective with what companies, groups, business, and corporations one buys products and services from.

If there is a business that you have found evidence of doing things that are against the interests of society as a collective whole or displays actions that go against the reality of Oneness, where they willfully or knowingly are harming people, then this is your cue to stop supporting that business but ceasing all purchases of any goods or services they provide. This is capitalism in action with we the consumers being the benefactors. If nobody purchases their products or services, then they will go out of business in a truly capitalist economy.

To illustrate this using an example, let’s say Company X produces clothes that are made with child slave labor with harm being committed towards the laborers, then ceasing to buy clothes from Company X will generate less profit. If a significant quantity of individual are mindful that purchasing a product of service from such a business monetarily supports that company, then social transformation will definitely occur on this front.


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