Somatic Practices to Address Anxiety, Overwhelm & Reactivated Trauma – FREE Online Event

During times like these, it’s easy to feel powerless, helpless, and even fearful — from mild anxiety all the way to total terror. Perhaps you’re being re-triggered in ways you thought you’d resolved.

Overpowering feelings — of any kind — can cause us to  separate from our body. When that happens, predominantly linear thinking (i.e., the “brain”) can set in, which can close you off to inspiration from other sources of guidance within your body…

So, how do you tap into and begin to trust your body wisdom again? How do you put a pause on fear, really drop in, and operate effectively?

Conscious awareness instructor Suzanne Scurlock will help you get grounded and centered so you can operate effectively during these challenging times AND be healthier, wiser, more present, and more joyful.

You can register for Somatic Practices for Activating Your Body’s 6 Wisdom Areas to Address Anxiety, Overwhelm & Reactivated Trauma here.

In this 60-minute online mini-workshop, you’ll discover:

  • One of the top myths that’s blocking you from accessing your body’s wisdom in any single moment
  • How your gut holds the key to your safety and security… and how to use its wisdom correctly to know your next step is the right one
  • How to receive the wisdom of your heart, keeper of your body’s deepest inspiration and navigator for “what is mine to do” in these times
  • The surprising body part that’s the “black sheep” of the 6 wisdom areas — and the real engine for your power
  • A guided exploration to drop into your inner sanctum (your bones) to experience deep calm and greater clarity, so you can “act” instead of “react,” and make wiser life choices

Being attuned to your body’s wisdom areas — and knowing how to nurture their capacities to provide you with greater intuition, steadiness, clarity, instinctual knowing, personal power, and joy — can help you dissolve stress, pain, or overwhelm.

If you’re anxious to become clear, energized, and calm, this is the event for you!

You can RSVP for free here