Soul Tribe Network – The World’s First Nonprofit Social Network

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Soul Tribe Network is a Groundbreaking Non-Profit Lightworker’s Healing Directory and Social Media Network, that Connects Lightworkers and Soul Tribe Community Globally

Let’s face it; social media today has become a whole lot of noise. It has become near-impossible to filter out all the stuff you don’t want over the things you want. What’s more, the big social media sites you all know have become filled with a lot of intense energies that make you feel worse after being on them.

The future of social networks is not one-size-fits-all corporate-run data mining networks, but rather smaller niche networks catering and focusing on specific interests. There are already several platforms like this, and there will undoubtedly be more. Humans are not designed to intake as much data simultaneously as they currently are bombarded with. What’s more, social media has been lost its focus as to what it’s purpose actually is…to connect people together and make it easier to organize real-world engagement and interaction.

We are not meant to live our lives in a virtual reality. It we were, we wouldn’t have so many negative health effects from catatonicly staring into a screen all day. It’s time for a new social network that holds true to the original spirit of what a social network is to be.

Enter Soul Tribe Network.

This budding vision is for the world’s first nonprofit social network for the conscious community that trims out much of the endless echo chamber feedback loops that don’t produce much actual real-world changes.

Spiritual lightworker, writer, and entrepreneur, Fontaine Felisha Foxworth is launching the world’s very first nonprofit social media network in the beginning of 2019. A website launch is tentatively set for mid January or early February. Soul Tribe Network (STN) connects lightworkers and soul tribe globally. The network offers 100% free healing services, and connects STN members globally, in real time. The idea was synchronistically conceived by Ms. Foxworth in October, 2018, and with the grace and alignment of spirit, she quickly designed and developed the site with the help of master programmer, Tamer Eid. She will act as the chairwoman and CEO of the winter slated nonprofit organization launch. Conscious evolution guide, and global director of SHIFT, Paul Lenda, has been appointed CFO.

“My aim is to provide spirit beings along the journey of spiritual awakening, with free healing, and an enlightened community at the click of a button…there will be no followers, no re-shares, no popularity contests – the world has enough of that already! We aim to shift the paradigm by opening future healing hostels in major gentrified US cities, which will provide free to low-cost short-term spiritual rejuvenating housing for people experiencing severe external effects of Ascension, including homelessness, depression, and social isolation. STN will also operate free and low cost spiritual, and recreational events globally, starting as early as 2019 in the US. These events will range from free yoga classes, meditation meetups, spiritual entrepreneurship incubator programs, retreats, festivals, parties, and music concerts.

The ultimate mission of Soul Tribe Network, is to connect the light grid of awakening beings, and help raise the frequency and vibration of humanity and Mother Earth. STN aims to incorporate as an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, and solely relies on gracious light working and monetary donations from healers, soul tribe members, and gracious individual or corporate donors. We are dedicated to this groundbreaking platform, and to helping build a new global paradigm!


“It’s my grandest purpose.”

Fontaine F. Foxworth


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