Soultruistic: A Festival Looking to Combine Soul and Altruism

Soultruistic Flyer 2014


Any festival-goer knows the feeling. Its 1:30AM and the DJ has just wrapped a perfect set of feet-stomping beats and deep, dirty whomps. A quick scan of the dance floor reveals people in their finest form, outfitted with furs, spandex, flow toys. The fanciful revelers all around you have tricks up their sleeves and love in their eyes, and in that moment, you are home.

For many, this blissful sensation is inseparable from the cloying sense of impermanence that comes along with it. Packing up camp, they find themselves fighting the inevitable, wishing to reside in that festival spirit– if not the festival itself– for longer. Some cure such post-festi blues by hightailing it to the next event. But going back to our communities in the ‘real world’ need not evoke a somber mindset. That magical festival connectedness is worth chasing, by all means, and so is worth cultivating back at home.

San Diego events collective Eclectic Agenda kept this philosophy close in mind while designing Soultruistic, their flagship gathering taking place June 27-30th 2014. For 72 hours, Eclectic Agenda will cultivate an environment that is rich in the radical convergences of passionate people from all walks of life. Soultruistic will be a place to inspire one another and help to focus our collective artistic and ideological vision, with a dedication to charity and giving back locally. Here we will start necessary conversations, setting up the framework we need to carry the flame of compassion and higher consciousness further into our own communities.

With a brilliant lineup of DJs, live bands, visionary artists, performers, and so much more, Soultruistic will attempt to attract and catalyze innovative types of expression and discussion in ways that are as undeniably essential as they are fun. The three-day event is sure to evoke the euphoric feeling we know so well, while equipping festival-goers with the tools to bring it home.

In an effort to make this venture accessible to all those who wish to participate, Eclectic Agenda is offering limited pre-sale tickets at remarkably discounted prices. Make your way over to to read up on the event’s philosophy, stream music from featured artists, and get your weekend pass so that you can be a big part of something a little different from the very beginning.

Soultruistic 2014 Workshops Flyer