The Creation of a Consciousness Shift

creation of a consciousness shiftHumanity is at a crossroads, where it has to decide whether it wishes to live in a bright future or a dystopian dark age. By making a decision one way or the other, humanity is creating its reality. Through the power of consciousness, humanity has the ability to create a global and transpersonal shift in consciousness to a much higher level.

This book demonstrates that such a wide-reaching shift is possible through the realization that everything and everyone is interconnected. This book is one of the first of its kind to put forth scientific evidence to support its transcendental self-growth message.

By giving the reader the knowledge and tools necessary for the creation of a consciousness shift, the collective consciousness can be affected in such a way that each individual can help in creating a massive global consciousness shift. Several tools, methods, and guidelines are provided to help bring about such a monumental change. It is the author’s intent to stir up a spirit of action and change in respect to altering one’s modality of thought and perception of reality.

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