Study shows how NDEs change beliefs


Approximately 3% of the population has experienced a ‘near-death experience’ where a person is clinically dead, sometimes long after modern science thinks it’s possible to come back to life without irreversible brain damage. Time and time again however, we can see that not only is there no permanent damage but that some people experience an incredibly transcendental and even spiritual experience. A study was done to show the changes in beliefs before and after an NDE and this table shows the big shifts that occurred, indicating that something very significant is happening at a time where reductionist science says it’s impossible for such things to occur.

Examining the Results

This is a very interesting chart. First of all, we can notice that from this sample population, nobody became or stayed an atheist after having a near death experience. Also, people who had previously said they were religious (meaning participating in ritualistic and dogmatic activities), saw a huge decrease to zero after the NDE.

Perhaps the greatest point of interest of those who embraced Spirituality after their NDE. Before the NDE, there were only 2 individuals who said their beliefs were closest to Spiritual/Universal. After the NDE, that number jumped to 49! That change is astronomical. If we were to use this sample population and magnify it from its size of 230 to 230,000,000 which is about 80 million less than the population of the United States, those statistics would consist of 2,000,000 people having Spiritual/Universal beliefs before the NDE and an amazing 49,000,000 people following Spirituality after the NDE. Compare 0.86% with 21.3% and clearly, this is very telling.