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We Chose Paradise by George Atherton
We Chose Paradise by George Atherton

SHIFT exists in order to help with the personal & collective evolution of humanity and co-create a new conscious paradigm.

Founded in 2013, SHIFT ( is a curator and creator of content focused on personal conscious evolution, collective evolution, healthy living, unmasking the nature of Reality, self-healing, and wellness. In 2015 we established our first major social transformation initiative, the Shift Collective, which is a network of new paradigm culture creators.

We wish to anchor in a conscious new paradigm that’s founded on an awake and evolved collective consciousness.

We’ve dedicated a lot of time, effort, and money to create and provide transformation-focused content and promote conscious culture in order to create global positive social transformation.

SHIFT thrives on social sharing of our content. However, because of the obliteration of organic reach on all the major social networks, we have had our funding significantly reduced and this is why we are asking for your help.


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Becoming a Gifter on Patreon:

As a SHIFT Patron:

  • You become a patron by pledging a regular monthly contribution to help with our website and operation costs
  • Your donation goes directly to the funding of SHIFT and its projects
  • You will have your name listed on our official Supporting SHIFTers page.
  • You will receive gifts based on what tier you support us through.

Support Co-Creating a New Conscious Paradigm!

We exist in order to serve an integral role in the positive social transformation of humanity and the bringing about of a more evolved society.

We are inspiring others to do their part in our collective movement into a paradigm that is anchored in balance, harmony and coherence with one another and with our environment. We provide a place for people to become co-creators of a world which is enlightened about the challenges facing humanity and working on solutions to them. We want to help individuals and groups work together in a way that benefits the whole of humanity.

We are here to help humanity dissolve the imaginary boundaries that have been created and help people realize the oneness and interconnectedness of everyone and everything and how everyone and everything affects everyone and everything else as a result.

Anything you can donate will help keep us online and continuing to do what we’re doing.

Instead of ongoing patronage, you can send a one off donation here if you prefer using either Paypal or cryptocurrency by going here:

Supporting SHIFTers

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