Supramental Transformation

supramental transformationSupramental transformation means the birth of a new individual fully formed by the supramental (the direct self-existent truth-consciousness and what it brings in its descent into the full truth of life, the full truth of consciousness in matter) power, the same power that enabled the universe to be created in the first place from out of the Source. Supramental transformation is necessary for the transformation of terrestrial life and being, not for reaching the Self.

Results of Supramental Transformation

People who have experienced supramental transformation would be the forerunners of a new truth-consciousness based supra-humanity. Among their capacities are:

  • A total oneness and identity with the environment and with others
  • Total integral knowledge replacing our essential ignorance, i.e. knowledge by identity
  • A unification of knowledge and will (what one knows is automatically created, what is willed is fully known in its truth)
  • The force of creation reunited with the consciousness of the Source
  • A complete unity of the individual, universal, and transcendent purpose expressed through the person

Furthermore, all aspects of division and ignorance of consciousness at the vital and mental levels would be overcome, replaced with a unity of consciousness at every plane, and even the physical body transformed into a higher state of being. A new supramental species would then emerge, living a supramental and etheric life on earth.

Nature of the Supramentalized Being

As the psychic transformation has to call into the spiritual to complete it, so the spiritual has to call the supramental to complete it. This final transformation finishes the passage of the soul through the ignorance it existed in. This truth consciousness has to descend into ready nature, enabling the supramental principle to be released in it.

Oneness, Unity & Fluidity

The supramental individual would see everything in its oneness. He or she would perceive this oneness in all things; in the greatest multiplicity and diversity of things; in the uniqueness of each person and thing; even in what appears as contradictions or conflicting elements. He or she thus sees everything in their right relation to one another and to the whole, the One. Existence is a life of essential, spontaneous and inherent unity and harmony.

In the individual’s existence the inner, what’s inside them, and the outer, what’s outside them in the world, would be one. He or she would continually live and see this inner-outer correspondence of life, again providing to them the ultimate efficiencies of life; enabling the infinite possibilities to arise where there was formally only finite possibility. One sees all (including contradictions, dualities) from the standpoint of oneness

There would be a tranquil and wide equality of spirit to all the shocks and difficulties. One is in a state of peace and equality, unmoved by any extremes of positive and negative circumstance. One perceives the unity of the world in its infinite diversity and complexity. One sees the unfolding of their life to be one with the unfolding of the spiritual unfolding of the universe. Life around one becomes self-possessed, spontaneous, and plastic. One sees the unfolding and growth of one’s life to be one with the unfolding and growth of one’s soul, i.e. the truth of one’s soul is one with the circumstance of one’s life. One acts with spontaneous sympathy with all in the world.

All other individual beings would be felt as his or hers; would be experienced as his or her own selves. Their feelings would be his or her own. The individual’s being would extend out to others. They would sense the spirit in everything, including others, which would be the binding element that enables this sense of oneness.

One sees the other person’s point of view though his or her power of silence. They would be one with the forces and powers beyond their individual self; of the forces in the environment, the community, the society, the world, and the universe. They would experience the interrelationship of all forces, outer and occult across the cosmos. They would also sense that in their new status he or she was fulfilling not only their own purpose, but the purpose of the existence of the universe. A spiritual life would naturally emerge from many individuals who have this supra-mental consciousness.

We no longer perceive the world in the normal perceptions of cause and effect, space and time, objectivity and subjectivity. In our new perception and experience of the world all of these mental perceptions are transcended. We are aware of how the Reality around us corresponds to our own state of being, and know which action to take in life to harmonize the two.

One has the triple-time vision; simultaneous knowledge of past, present and future. One experiences the infinite in the finite, the timeless in time; the one in the many (e.g. all selves in one’s own self, and vice versa). Whereas mind and spiritualized mind sees the object of perception, inquiry, understanding as outside of one’s self, in supermind this object is inside one’s self. It does not require an object of perception because the object is a part of itself.

One is in essence the object itself. Just as the supermind created the world out of nothing, i.e. self-conceived, objectified a universe of forms from out of The Source, so the supramental individual can apprehend knowledge, i.e. self-conceive knowledge, inquiry, perception from within its self.

Action and Accomplishment

One is not seeking the fruit or result; the joy is in being and doing, connected to the spirit. The individual would follow his inner transcendent purpose rather than being a mere puppet of nature and its will. There is no need to exert mental control to attain results in life. One has full access to the supramental force, which can accomplish anything in any time period, even instantaneously. One’s own actions, initiatives, etc. are simultaneously matched by parallel movements throughout the world.

We are aware of how the reality around us corresponds to our own state of being, and know which action to take in life to harmonize the two. We create infinite accomplishment by understanding the forces that evoke positive responses from life. We elicit these from within by opening to the Force, to elicit the highest positive life responses, which emanate from the force’s action on the causal plane. Life responses that occur defy our normal perceptions of cause and effect, space and time, and subjectivity and objectivity.

One acts not for the power, satisfaction, enjoyment of the mental and vital ego, but for the divine in oneself, in all, in the world, and the emergence instead of the divine presence, light, power, love, delight, and beauty. One can create results in the world as much from the inner being, i.e. from within inside oneself, as through our outer actions and interactions. We can create the world from within ourselves.

The individual is constantly evoking positive life responses, enabling him to accomplish at 1000 times or more the level of the normal human being. 1000 times even in a single moment in time. Because of their complete oneness and integral knowledge at any moment, they know exactly what action to take, enabling vast instantaneous and abundant results. One’s will of action is matched by a true knowledge of what is to be willed; and there is the power to effectuate its knowledge.

They understand the process of creation that enabled the universe to emerge from The Source. As a result he or she knows how to apply this process in their own life, releasing the infinite potentials of life. They gain this power in their own life because they are fully aware of the stages of the process. They also have complete understanding of other such processes in life. One continually opens to the force to accomplish at infinitely greater levels in life.

One realizes and uses the facts that one does not need anything to create a result. Just as the universe emanated out of (physical) nothing, so can results in life emanate out of nothing (e.g. i.e. one need not actually do work over time to create results, products do not need materials, etc.). The supramentalized individual is in touch with and operates from within, releasing infinite accomplishment out of nothing through this infinite spiritual efficiency.

In the supramental consciousness resulting acts do not seem to repeat in their quality and character. This parallels the act of consecration, which attracts positive life responses that seem to be one of a kind, unique, that do not repeat.

Divine Focus

The individual’s existence would be one with the universal and transcendental Self and Spirit. Their actions would originate from and obey the supreme Self and Spirit’s divine governance of nature. They would feel the pressure of the divine in every center of their consciousness, in every vibration of their life force, in every cell of their body. The actions they take (or withhold) would be based on the truth of the divine will.

One experiences that the divine is their true self and the source and constituent of his spiritual individuality. One sees the unfolding of their life to be one with the unfolding of the spiritual unfolding of the universe. One perceives that the purpose and destiny of the universe, which is the spiritualization of the cosmos through the evolution of the individual, ourselves. He or she would become not only an integrated, realized individual Self, but also a universal Self, as well as a transcendent Self, thus fulfilling the role of the individual in the creation and in the all, the absolute, source of all that is.

One acts not for the power, satisfaction, enjoyment of the mental and vital ego, but for the divine in oneself, in all, in the world, and the emergence instead of the divine presence, light, power, love, delight, and beauty. One would feel the presence of the divine in every part of one’s being; one’s consciousness, life-force, in every cell of one’s body.

Their whole way of being, thinking, living, and acting would be governed by the power of a vast universal spirituality. The individual ego is eliminated as the central focus of our being, replaced by an inner Self, and our living of life based on our own individual personal ego, with all of its ignorance and limitation is replaced with the vastness of the divine will

The will of the spirit would directly controls and determines the movements and laws of the body. Complete, and unequivocal surrender to the divine spirit, and its will. More specifically, the supermind and the supramental action is the aspect of the absolute that guides all his or her life, being and actions. One utilizes the spiritual, supramental force in one’s life for achievement, elimination of conflict, bliss, and immortality. Ego reaches a point where it can begin the arduous task of dissolving itself through spiritual discipline.

The Delight of Existence

The individual would live in state of ecstatic happiness, joy, and bliss. They would at every moment, in every endeavor, in every meeting with others and connection with their environment, in every action they take, experiencing a great delight of being. Because of the spiritual qualities within themselves, they would experience the constant joy of existence, and share the joy of others’ existence.

There would be an intense delight of being; in the heart a delight of universal love, union, sympathy, and joy of being; in the will and vital parts of perceiving and meeting the One everywhere; in the body an ecstasy of peace and bliss pouring in from the spirit.

Awareness and Knowledge

The individual would have a complete self-knowledge, an integral knowledge. This integral knowledge would extend to all things, all people, all moments, all situations and circumstances. They would have the integral, total, full knowledge of what the situation, circumstance, or event involves, and what are the myriad of potential courses of actions to take if any. They would have the complete will to see it through as necessary, and with that will energizing them, he or she would take the exact right course of action. Knowledge, will, and result of action are fused together in a oneness and unity, allowing for an integral solution. This enables the greatest efficiency of life, which is the ability to create the greatest result with the least effort in the shortest period of time.

Direct connection the object, which is part of itself. Whereas intuitive mind sees the object as outside, in supermind the object is inside, and does not require the object of perception because the object is a part of itself. One becomes aware of the one truth underlying all things. There would be a clearer sense of truth of self and things, and a more enlightened dealing with opportunities and difficulties of existence.

There would be a transcendence of the mentality’s rigid ways of seeing things, its perceptions, its attachment to a fixed set of principals, systems and patterns of life. Instead of relating to life through mental rigidity the being would be one with life’s own truth; diverse, infinite, wide, plastic, and free.

One has the highest possible personal, social, and spiritual values. Evolution in one’s life becomes a graded progression from lesser light to greater light. One’s existence is no longer ideative; i.e. a life based on a knowledge and perception of things. Instead one simply needs to be. One has direct and inherent awareness of the truth of one’s being, and the truth of things. One is aware of other planes of being; including a knowledge of their powers and influences; (e.g. happenings in the world will be seen not only in their external aspect but in all that is secret and is truly unfolding).

One has a triple-time vision, simultaneous knowledge of past, present and future. There are countless examples to demonstrate that the action of the supramental force can alter past causality and create a new present. Supermind can know the Absolute and therefore it can simultaneously know the One and the many in relation to each other.

We experience life in such a way that defies our normal perceptions of cause and effect, and space and time. For example, we can change an attitude or a perception or take an action that attracts an instant positive response from life (this defies our normal perceptions of cause and effect; subjectivity and objectivity; time and space). Or a person can think that a few minutes have gone by and an hour has gone by; or has the feeling that an hour has gone by and only a few minutes have transpired (this defies our normal perception of time.)

One continually opens to the force to gain the integral truth, knowledge, and awareness of the thing. We are aware of how the reality around us corresponds to our own state of being, and know which action to take in life to harmonize the two. We create infinite accomplishment by understanding the forces that evoke positive responses from life. We elicit from within by opening to the force, to elicit the highest positive life responses, which emanate from the force’s action on the causal plane.

Transformation of the Physical Being

The Individual’s mind would be transformed as they would know all things in its oneness, and have the object of knowledge inside themselves. They would be the knowledge. Their emotions would be of love and oneness with others. This individual’s body would have great perfection. They could live as long as they wish; they would be liberated from all suffering; and all of the pains, injuries, diseases and other sufferings would be a thing of the past.

We would see a dramatic change in their body functionings, shape, and the possibility of his ability to live as long as they wish. There will be an evolution that will effectuate the spiritualization, perfection, and fulfillment of the physical being; including an evolution of the body’s duration, health, physical perfection, bodily happiness, liberation from suffering, feeling of ease, etc.

There can be a transformation of the physical sensibilities of one’s physical nature. There is a spiritual pleasure that flows through the body. It has been suggested that for the gnostic individual the physical body will gradually evolve. For example, the physical form may evolve to a more neutral development, rather than being decidedly male and female. Even now the human male is developing more grace, subtlety, and flexibility, while the female human is gaining strength and stamina.

There may also be evolution of our organs, including the gradual disappearance in the body of the digestive system, the system of procreation, and the breathing system of the lungs. There may a way to see even without the eyes closed, or hear without the use of the ears. Many functionality may gradually move from the outer instrument, organ, to an inner perception and experience.

Some have had a vision of a tall, slim individual, neither male nor female, very slim at the waist, with little or no breast. There would be the transformation and even the possibility of the elimination of the current bodily functioning such as breathing, digestion. This would imply that the corresponding physical organs (lungs, digestion, etc.) would be unnecessary to this future being. (Note: This physical transformation is likely to occur after the other changes have been effectuated. The physical transformation is the last thing to change).

Individuals begin to radiate an inner glow and light. The human mind and brain may be reduced or eliminated or radically changed since we would be able to perceive the world directly without the intervention of the thought process, of thinking, of the utilization of the mind. One begins to develop an inner capacity to hear, see, and other sense experiences. One is able to rely less on the outer organs (eyes, ears), and sense the world from within one’s self. One is able to perceive the outer world not with the outer senses, but with a more developed inner vision and perception. One utilizes the force to overcome the current limitations of our bodies (i.e. its lack of flexibility, tendency to inertia, propensity to illness, even the inevitability of death).

In the supramental world, the more one is conscious and in contact with the truth of things, the more the authority has the will over the substance. The will acts directly in the substance, and the substance is obedient to the will. For example, one possibility is when you want to move from one place to another, your will is sufficient to carry you without your needing any kind of vehicle or artificial means.

A person’s will has the power to transform matter as it likes, such as power to overcome illness. One can transform matter as one likes. One no longer legitimizes the (old mental) materials laws of the world, including the laws of the body (its needs, health, nourishment, etc.). When in the new consciousness all these things which appear so concrete, disappear. One no longer lives these assumptions, so that we can create endless miracles at this material plane.

Mind in the body learns, is transformed directly with the force. The hierarchy of the individual person is body, vital, mind, and spirit. Body is the lowest and the spirit the highest. Today when we want the body to learn a new skill – driving, typing, learning a new language, etc. – we use the instrumentation of the mind. The mind learns first all that the body needs to learn. The learning is then transferred to the body by training through the mind’s knowledge and understanding. Therefore we can conclude that if the mind were not available, the body would never fully learn.

Another perspective is that the body could learn directly, that there is within the body itself its own center of mind. Then the body, instead of receiving through the mind, is able to receive directly through the mind center within itself. This reception is infinitely greater. Thus the body is capable of learning and being transformed, (e.g. healing, infinite life, new organs, change in cell constituents, etc.) directly through its mind center from the Force directly, rather than having to go through the mind and vital centers of the being.

Other Points

Sri Aurobindo once said that being (the many) manifests out of non-being (the One) and that both being and non-being are expressions of something greater and inclusive of both, which he calls the Absolute. Mind can see either being or non-being, only supermind can know the Absolute. He says that realization of this truth carries the power of creation.

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