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Liquid Mind – Ambience Minimus – Zero Degrees Zero [Meditation Music

This week's healing sounds are from Liquid Mind's Ambience Minimus collection called Zero Degrees Zero. The music of Ambience Minimus flows beautifully throughout, giving you...

Can Kratom Be Used to Help With Meditation?

Kratom is a renowned herb found in the native jungles of Southeast Asian regions, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia. Natives of these...

Know the Difference Between Passion and Obsession

You can be passionate about many things that bring you joy and raise your energy, but an obsession consumes your life and drains you...

Traditional Japanese Bamboo Flute Music [Relaxing Music]

This week's healing sounds are in the form of some beautiful traditional Japanese zen melodies. Sometimes, some of the most relaxing music comes from our...

How to Never Be Controlled By Others Again

If you asked random people on the street whether they like to be controlled by others, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that...

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