The Learning Opportunity Pandemics Provide Us

coronavirus up close covid-19

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” Reflecting on these words by Lao Tzu got me thinking about how they relate to the current coronavirus hysteria.

I am noticing a great deal of fear in the collective consciousness right now, particularly in the West, in regards to what is being called a global pandemic. While the Center for Disease Control in the US estimated that nearly 650,000 people die from the flu every year, a tiny fraction of that figure have died from COVID-19. This is not to say that we should downplay the current virus being focused on, or lack compassion for those who are suffering, but we should do our best to maintain a stable energy field, so that we do not allow fear to consume and control us. Fear can cause stress and suppress your immune system, making you even more susceptible to something like the coronavirus.

This current pandemic can be a teachable moment and lead to a better future, it we allow it to. Depending on where you are in the world and how you are being directly affected, either by the virus itself, or the restrictions that governments are imposing on people, you will see your life disrupted in different ways.

For example, many people or even you are turning to technology when coping with the virus. Apps and tech previously viewed with skepticism are becoming mainstream. A survey by ExpressVPN into the attitudes people hold toward contact-tracing apps shows that 59% of American citizens are willing to forego their security if it means getting by. So, how does it impact you?

You may re-evaluate your priorities in life. Have you been giving away all of your time, energy, and money towards simply surviving on this planet? Maybe this pandemic will be a learning opportunity for you to make some radical changes in your life that will lead to you having a more fulfilled experience. Perhaps you will say enough is enough and move to another part of the world where you may have more time to spend on your personal evolution. It sometimes takes a painful catalyst to give us the kick in the butt we need to shift into a life that is better for us.

What The Coronavirus Response Has Exposed

The actual virus itself has not had as significant of an impact as the reaction and response to it. It is in times of crisis like now that you see the true colors of people and nation states. It’s easy to give off the appearance of being a nice person when things are relatively good. It is times like this when we can look at ourselves and identify the areas we need to work on more. Are we panicking or getting addicted to the drama surrounding what is going on, or are we taking the opportunity to become stronger frequency holders and making intuitive and clear-headed decisions that can actually benefit us and others?

As far as nation states go, think of them like brands. They usually show you the romanticized and brochure version of what they are like. However, when there is a full-on crisis as there is now, you can see their true colors based on how they respond. Are they acting in the best interests of the people that make up their nations or are they looking to gain from self-serving opportunities?

COVID-19, as it’s called, is one pandemic out of many that humans have lived through. There will probably be many others in the future we will overcome as well. This is a great learning opportunity to find out whether you will choose fear or love. Will you choose to hide out in the woods, armed to the teeth to fend off marauders you think are coming, or will you support and collaborate with others (in a safe way)?

Something like a virus does not believe in separation and neither should we. It’s times like these where we will strengthen our immune systems, help each other out with whatever needs we may have, and evolve on personal and collective levels. Allow this pandemic to bring out the best in you, because it is situations like this that are true tests of character and soul growth.