The Lucent Temple: An Interview with Dream Rockwell on the Spiritual Heart of Lightning in a Bottle


This year we spoke with Dream Rockwell once again about the Lucent Temple of Consciousness at Lightning in a Bottle and dived deeper into what makes it such a special and transformative place at one of the most well-known conscious festivals in the world. We love how much time and effort is put into this element of the festival that was a true trailblazer for the transformational festival movement. There are sacred spaces and spiritual sanctuaries at festivals all over the country and world now and LiB has been a pioneer in how wide in scope the festival temple space has become in the past decade. Here’s what Dream shared with us this year on this integral aspect of Lightning in a Bottle:

Shift: As Lightning in a Bottle continues to grow as a veteran in the transformational festival culture, how do you see it continuing its role as a trailblazer for conscious culture?

Dream: We are always envisioning what and how we might expand the transformational aspect of the festival. This concept never leaves my mind. I’m always looking for what’s new, what’s interesting, what heals, what expands us. The idea we all hold as we’re designing and creating the festival is that people leave LIB forever changed, in some way. New ideas, new concepts, new technologies for change, a new way of looking at life, new possibilities for hobbies or even a career… and of course… new friends. This is what we hope for our attendees and how we have designed the overall experience. From morning meditation to yoga, to speakers and workshops, to fun interactive environments, to awe-inspiring art, to great music, to great food, to dancing the night away. The master plan is simply a vision for what is possible and how can share that experience of possibility together.

Shift: The Lucent Temple of Consciousness can be called the spiritual heart of the festival. How does having a central sanctuary and sacred space change the nature of a festival?

Dream: I think it deepens and helps to root the experience. The world of festivals supports our desire to be free, to unleash hidden part of ourselves, to expand and wiggle and dance the night away. It’s a powerful but more narrow part of the human spectrum. Adding in yoga and workshops, speakers and shamanic performance, healers and meditation gives us a broader experience and gives us tools to take home with us to effect long-term positive change.

Shift: What are some of the ways LIB is being an example of how we can shift culture towards a more conscious and sustainable paradigm?

Dream: I believe that if we can experience something, even for a moment, we can never again say it isn’t possible. In our minds it is possible and no one can convince us otherwise. LIB shows us that the world of love and joy, celebration and learning, co-habitation and cooperation is possible because for 4 days we live it. So with that in our belief system we become powerful in bringing these concepts and ideas home with us. Because no one can tell us it isn’t possible, we know it is.

Shift: With co-creation and cooperation being central tenets of the transformational festival culture, what are some of the ways in which people that come to LIB can help the festival live out and express this way of life?

Dream: I think taking as many workshops and classes as one can pack into the weekend is key. Dabble in everything, get your feet wet, see what excites you, meet leaders in many different fields and learn from the best. Then take these new technologies home with you and expand your world. Make your world better. If we all do this then the world we share will ultimately be better.

Shift: With transformational festivals growing in number and scope with each passing year, what do you see the new conscious culture growing into in the coming years?

Dream: The community has grown so big now, and the number of events in which we can come together continues to grow. I have noticed the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in LA have grown exponentially over the past couple of years, and they all seem to be packed all the time. There are yoga studies pooping up in unexpected neighborhoods. I’d say it’s on. We are growing in numbers. We are expanding ourselves so we can expand the world we live in. It’s happening.

Shift: What is the biggest challenge facing the transformational festival culture right now? What can we do as a community in response to it?

Dream: I don’t know if I’m aware of any overall big challenges. I would just say that it’s incredibly expensive to do what we do, to add so much value to the festival. So buy tickets! Support us if you love what we’re doing. We need the support of the community to keep doing what we’re doing. It’s an exchange of energy.

Shift: From your interview last year, you said that LIB was in talks with a speaker that you’ve been wanting to book for 3 years now but his schedule hasn’t permitted attending the festival up until this year. Who was that person?

Dream: Nassim Haramein. In my opinion, he is the Einstein of our time. His work is ground breaking, live changing really and I’m so excited he’ll be presenting this year.

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From May 21st to 25th, come and be a part of a celebration of life, love, and music at LiB. We wish you an amazing time.