The Remarkable Benefits of Following Your Dreams

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“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has given us some excellent advice here. Are you following your dreams? Forget about seeing this as some sort of cliché. If your outer world isn’t reflecting what your inner world aspires to experience, you are going to have a bad time. Namely, you are going to have increased feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, resentment, envy, jealousy, misery, and a whole host of other emotions that will lead you down a dark road of feeling unfulfilled.

Everyone has something that excites them and lights a spark of wonder for them. There is always something that we can consider to be our “mission” in life and something that helps us become self-actualized. We call these dreams, but they are dreams that can usually become reality.

Why Don’t People Follow Their Dreams?

Sometimes, they get caught up in fear-based thinking that they “need” to do something else other than where the energy actually is within them, in order to “make ends meet” or out of some other perceived obligation.

I have said it many times in many ways but it bears repeating: fear is a dream killer.

Fear will snuff out joy. It will steer you towards a life that isn’t worth living because even if you are alive, you will have died inside long before. It should be a sobering thought that people around you have essentially been dead inside for decades because they allowed the fear virus to take hold and spread, becoming ingrained into their minds as being necessary.

Being afraid of following dreams, fearing how people would perceive them if they did so, and getting scared of them not working out, are all going to eventually lead you to a point in your life where you have a whole lot of one thing: regret.

What People On Their Deathbeds Regret the Most

When people are on their deathbeds, do you know what they often regret the most?

They regret not following their bliss.

They regret allowing themselves to be small because of how they believed others would see them.

They regret not mustering up the courage to actively pursue their dreams, no matter what.

Avoid becoming another deathbed confession of regret. Go and pursue what lights that spark in your soul more than anything. This is the way to true happiness. Rather than being steered by the fear-based ego mind, you will be guided by the love-centered heart mind.

Tap Into Genius, Power, and Magic

Being bold in life is you tapping into your personal power, which is limitless. You are far more powerful and great than you may realize. The brightness of a thousand suns can never be snuffed out by anyone or anything, and that light will be embodied within you when you are focusing your attention and energy on what brings you into alignment with your true Self. You will see the resulting manifestations appear nearly as being magical in nature. You will be in awe of how good you feel.

Your soul knows what is in resonance with it and what isn’t. The more and longer you are out of resonance with your soul’s code, the greater the negative thoughts and emotions experienced. It will eventually get to a point where the results could very well be life-threatening, and which could have been avoided completely if you simply followed your dreams.

It’s easier than you may think because you have the backing of the Unified Field when you are doing something while in alignment. The more aligned you are, the better you feel and the more you help yourself and others.

So, you can view following your dreams as helping humanity out as well. The more alignment there is in each individual person, the greater the alignment of the collective consciousness. With that, worlds can be transformed in an instant.

There is great genius, power, and magic awaiting you. Are you following your dreams?


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