The World is Your Canvas

painting canvas

The world but is an empty canvas for the mind to cast into form. Life itself is a canvas waiting for you to create your own masterpiece. Since all thought is creative energy, you have an extraordinary opportunity to create a world for yourself that is ideal for your journey, in this life, and at this time.

We are not as powerless as we may fool ourselves into believing sometimes. Sure, there are massive constructs that exist within society, but those only exist because people have collectively agreed to them and have co-created them in some way. What you have is the total freedom to change the way you think and perceive your personal experience of the world. That experience is created by you, from moment to moment, by your thoughts. It can only be changed by you, by changing your thinking.

Focused Intention Creates Structure

Vibrations. Everything is vibrating, all the time. There is perpetual movement. Nothing is static. Also, nothing “is” until you add structure to it. When you have a focused intention, such as visualizing a scenario as if it already exists, you create and shape your world. This reinforces it and gives is structure. Each one of us has the ability to engage with the world’s canvas in whatever way we wish. We can paint whatever kind of scene we want onto the fabric of the universe. What do you want your canvas to look like?

You can help create a culture of creativity right now by tapping into the creative imaginarium, becoming a shining light to humanity. Drop the limitations concerning what you believe is possible. You hold the Paintbrush of Creation, so why not use it in an unbridled way? After all, you are the one guiding its movements.

The world right now is desperately asking for something new. The old reality that was co-created and reinforced by people for generations is buckling. It’s not that it ever truly served peoples’ best interests, but human consciousness has evolved to a point where that paradigm and matrix has become so discordant and out of balance that it is naturally imploding. This provides us with a new opportunity to focus our intentions on designing a new template for the reality we experience.

Do you want to live in an upgraded reality? Do you want to experience the most extraordinary and joyous life for yourself? Do you want to see your suffering replaced with peace? These are all reality shifts you have power over bringing into your experiential existence. But, you need to believe you have that power within you.

It can be easy to fall into victim/perpetrator dynamics when seemingly horrible things happen to us and others. However, we will stop feeling like victims, or getting into situations that seem like we are being taken advantage of, when we tap into the innate power within us. That power comes from the Source spark within us…the most powerful source of power within Reality. Feel like you truly embody that infinite energy within you. When you do, you gain access to the fuel that can drive any thought-form out of the imaginal realm and into the world your physical vessel is interfacing with.

The world is your canvas. You can paint whatever picture you want. When you are aligned and tapped into the Source consciousness, you gain the clarity of insight into what is the best picture to paint for your continued evolution. So, go on and paint something beautiful.