The World Summit – Being a Part of the New Paradigm Solution

We recently shared the exciting news about something called the World Summit which is putting together a, well, world summit of anybody and everybody that has solutions to the issues facing humanity today. The World Summit is helping facilitate a shift into a new conscious paradigm and is now actively looking for people who want to be the change they wish to see in the world.

This is a message that is being spread to all the groups that are connected with the World Summit and now also to each other. We have come to one of those pivotal moments that we are asking you all to help us spread this message of co-creation. The World Summit is now activating all the groups on board with the vision (SHIFT> is a partner of the World Summit). so they can begin working together for the short period of time leading up to the main summit event in June 2019. By doing this we as groups together can access millions of people if we bring out a unified message.

The World Summit is now asking for people from all over the world to support their efforts while they organize a global event for June of 2019 to discuss and implement collective global solutions and Unify the Unifiers.  They are making a lot of headway, but now need your help. Please check out our Platform, support the World Summit and pledge to their delegates, some of whom are dedicated full time towards the cause in assisting with the paradigm shift.

You can take a look at the links of the jobs and role descriptions on the Synergy Hub Elefante Blanco website and the Unified Patreon Platform.

The role description is to support other groups and individuals and the World Summit to reach out to more groups and individuals to spark and ignite the critical mass that will help us all collectively to flip the paradigm.  They are looking for 100 people to live and work with them in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Are you one of them? Do you feel a higher calling to take action?

We know that what we have collectively is…

‘’Good enough for now, Safe enough to do.’’

Check out the links above for more info if you want to be a part of creating this revolutionary summit of solutionaries.

If you’re part of an organization, by working with the World Summit and other groups you will be helping out your group too.

We are all promoting Gift-Based Income (GBI) and Open Source and would like to activate all of you by using each others’ databases and global networks. You can use your own social media reach to spread the links and the word.

We are doing it…activating everyone to collectively Unite and shift out of the dischordant and dysfunctional global system into a new conscious paradigm where everyone gets a fair chance to thrive.

world summit event

We’d like to give a special thanks for those facilitators that are initiating this global summit:

Robert Schram, United Earth
Gabor Kiss, Envienta open source everything
Richard Ostmanson, Money Free Party New Zealand
Jodian Rodgers, Money Free Party UK
Charlotte Wenner, RBE moving forward
Jenny Chung, Venus Project
Matthew Dowle, COEO
Troy Wiley, World Summit
Lise Simmard, World Summit
Tonny Kregel, World Summit

…and everyone else that is working and connected with each other and the World Summit.

The shift is now!


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