The World Summit – Unifying the Unifiers

We need to see our collective consciousness shift into a new paradigm in order to survive and thrive well into the future. The archaic and discordant ways of doing things is failing us and the planet. We need a radically new holistic approach that addresses everything as part of the same interconnected whole. At Shift, we have written about this extensively and much to our delight and excitement, there is a group of solutionaries simply called the World Summit. They have come forth to offer a global platform and forum in order for changemakers and grounded visionaries to come together, to not only come up with solutions, but to implement them as well.

This is humanity’s chance to make a real difference; a collective and positive change to the world we live in. This invitation provides the framework for all of us to rise above our artificial divisions and take action to solve the world’s problems.

“We have to be different than we’ve ever been in the history of this thing we call civilization to simply not extinct ourselves because the way we have always been has been a smaller scale of the same thing that now at this global scale is extinctionary. It means that the solutions we are looking for do not look like previous best practices because those practices are about how to win at win/lose games, where now, winning at win-lose games is an omni lose-lose generator.”

-Daniel Schmachtenberger

Our outdated political establishments perpetually divide us over artificial scarcity and boundaries which result in war, inequality, and destruction of our planet. We did not consciously choose these things. That is not our true human nature. We all have the same basic needs that must be met. We all want a quality life and a positive future to look forward to. When we create new systems and reorganize our society we will have a realistic chance to evolve as a human species based on equality and respect for diversity. With our technology, our ingenuity, and our empathy for all life, we finally have at our fingertips—perhaps for the first time ever in history—a realistic opportunity to build a world without poverty, hunger and war. It is time to put our differences aside and recognize that we have common problems to solve…as well as common goals.
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The World Summit is gathering changemakers from all over the globe in order to unite groups and people, both virtually and physically, to bypass individual agendas as well as the current social, political, and economic systems that divide us. The WS wants to unify and align and is doing this in the acknowledgement that it does not need permission to discover our oneness as a great global tribe.

The Vision

To envision a new humanity that transcends political and socio-economic divisions to (re)discover our true unity as one global species, one that has learned how to work together to solve our global challenges, ushering in a new world beyond war, inequality and environmental destruction – a truly civilized society that works for everyone, now and for future generations of all life on Earth.

The Mission

The mission of the World Summit is to unite humanity by inviting individuals, groups and organizations to come together beyond our failed governments to create a neutral platform on the micro and macro levels in the form of mini-summits which will culminate into a global World Summit. In cross-pollinating global citizens with different groups and organizations during the summits we will scale up our collective knowledge, wisdom, and solutions and begin taking action towards solving our global challenges.

The Values

To accomplish this mission, we must “be the change” we wish to see by operating as non-violent, non-judgemental “pro-activists” who are not fighting against anyone or anything, but instead are embodying the very principles and values that are necessary for the evolution of humanity. Therefore, the World Summit organization is inclusive, transparent, leaderless, open-source, decentralized, distributed, boundaryless, non-hierarchical, egalitarian, self-organizing, post-ego, post-conspiracy, post-scarcity, post-fear and anger, post-doom and gloom, and, most importantly, post-ism (racism, sexism, classism, capitalism, communism, left/right, etc.). We will embrace and operate with these values while doing so within a non-monetary gift culture.


The above is a visual representation of how the WS plans on making a paradigm-shifting impact. There is no hierarchical structure, meaning decisions are done using a consensus-based model of decision-making. Instead of hierarchical, it’s horizontal. Instead of top-down, it’s grassroots. Instead of closed and proprietary, it’s open-source and free. Instead of homogeneity and sameness, it’s a flourishing of distributed and autonomous diversity. Instead of individualism or collectivism, it’s community individualism. Perhaps we can envision this as a “tribe of tribes”. We all know what does not work; now it is time to shift our models to what will work for the highest good of all. We can do this, we just need to believe in ourselves being able to.

12 Sectors of the New Paradigm

The World Summit is working towards a total of 12 sectors to be represented at the main summit event in 2019. They want to bring in and implement feedback loops inter-connecting the 12 sectors, which are the following:

  • Food, Environment, Wildlife, Water
  • Media, Communication
  • Learning, Education
  • Relations, Peacebuilding, Community
  • Spirituality, Personal development, Religion
  • Justice, Sovereignty, Governance
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Resource sharing, Economics, Trade
  • Music, Arts, Culture
  • Housing, Infrastructure, Transport
  • Science, Technology, Energy
  • Health, Wellness, Family.

The Political System is an Outdated Relic

We know how divided we currently are as a species, and how divided we have been for a long time. The one thing that is preventing us from making the change for the better–towards a unified humanity–is our outdated socio-political system that seems to want only to divide us.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the governments around the world do not have the ability to solve our problems (or simply do not want to). Our centuries-old political system cannot cope with our most urgent and interconnected issues. In its death throes, our political system keeps us fighting amongst each other, especially over limited resources, instead of communicating effectively and taking action. After decades and centuries of protesting and petitioning our representatives, we need to acknowledge that our political systems everywhere around the world do not represent the will of the people, but instead have divided society and damaged the World.

Now it is time to rise above our anger towards our politicians and and so-called leaders. Rather than fighting against a dying system, let us unite and create new ways of organizing humanity that make the old systems obsolete.

The Time to Act is Now

It is time for those of us who envision a different reality to come together and start co-creating by addressing the root cause and stop fighting the symptoms. We should no longer fight to get a seat at the table dominated by the powers that be, but create a whole new table to which everyone is invited.

The people and organizations that are coming together as part of the World Summit are facilitators who are merely providing the space for everyone to find and co-create solutions to the current planetary dis-ease. This is not a new group attempting to impose answers themselves but rather they want to gather the right people together who will ask and answer the right questions. The critical mass of people who want a complete shift in paradigm has already been achieved worldwide, but are separated into isolated groups. A beautiful unified world is possible if we all join together.

A Real-World Physical Meeting of the Minds

The World Summit is organizing a global physical event where individuals, groups, and organizations from all over the world will come together, not just to share ideas but to take part in workshops, panel discussions, and real-time Q & A via streaming about concrete solutions and a workable plan. In the lead up to the physical event, the WS is developing the World Summit Free Café Network and Synergy Hub Network so local activists can work together in unity with the global event. These will create simultaneous mini-Summits around the world. If you want to see the latest timeline of events and developments with the World Summit, check this out.

The Three-Phase Plan of the World Summit

Much like the stages that a caterpillar undergoes to transform into a butterfly, the World Summit envisions a similar metamorphosis in humanity achieving global unity and a new earth.

Phase One: The Spread of a Healthy Viral Meme to Change the World

Thanks to the internet, or what some consider to be the evolution of humanity’s central nervous system, we now have at our fingertips a most powerful interconnecting force enabling us to transform humanity. The first phase of the transition is to spread awareness of the most exciting, hopeful and revolutionary undertaking in all of human history. We believe people are ready and eager to endorse this invitation, sign up to join the World Summit, and virally spread the good news.

Phase Two: Global Representatives Join as Delegates

As groups and communities from all over the world become aware of the World Summit, we hope that they will join in the urgent work of creating the blueprint for humanity’s metamorphosis.

Phase Three: The World Summit Global Event “of, by and for” ALL People of the World

We will need visionaries from all realms: indigenous wisdom keepers, scientists and technical experts, spiritual leaders, and powerful changemakers that have the ability to think outside the box, and who are not hamstrung by economic, ideological or institutional bias. We don’t have all the answers ourselves but we do have an innovative structure based on “non-violent communication” and Sociacracy that will allow us to harness our collective intelligence and begin to make things happen. There is no doubt that collectively among our population of over seven billion people that we already posses the knowledge and technical ability to solve all our world’s problems. There will be charted-out timelines and blueprints for the greatest collective action ever in our history. Most importantly, the summit should not be perceived as the end-result itself. It is just the beginning. The summit is not a one-time event—it will be a process, an ongoing and evolving one.

Dynamic Steering Through A Fluid Timeline

We are living in a world of accelerating change and we see exponential curves everywhere we look…for better and worse. We are experiencing breakdowns at the same time as breakthroughs. Therefore the timeline and blueprint need to be as fluid and changeable as the current world we live in. This means that we can potentially affect real change in the here-and-now, not some distant future that we can hardly fathom. We are already in the great transition!

We can navigate this fluid timeline through a process known as “dynamic steering” in which we adjust our actions as we make progress. So even if we can’t see the whole path ahead of us, we should not delay our goals and dreams. As if we are in a dense fog, we only need to walk as far as we can see. Once we arrive there we will see a little bit further. From there we will walk further yet down the road with a confident “knowingness”, even amidst a vast unknown and uncharted territory. That is how we will trek an unclear path…a little bit at a time.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Free Cafe Network

The WS is creating a network of World Summit Cafés hosted by members around the world that would provide gathering places for world changers to discuss and manifest the visions of unity that the World Summit proposes. These cafes are a way for hosts and visitors to ​”be the change they want to see in the world” ​ by getting actively involved in their local communities, sharing the good news about the World Summit and bringing forth new ideas.

Each café is not only just a casual gathering spot for engaging with the local community over coffee and tea, but is also a forum for scheduled meetups, open houses, and “mini-summits”. The WS is building a global network of cafes where mini-summits will happen around the world, thus being a “glocal” structure (global and local). You can create Free Cafe today by going here.

Become a Part of the Solution

Here at Shift, we have teamed up with the World Summit because we believe the time to act is NOW. We cannot and should not wait for some external savior or some slow bureaucratic process to somehow come and save the day. If we continue to put our trust and faith in such discordant constructs, we will by consequence be giving away our power to something that is not in alignment with the world we wish to create. The way in which we bridge the gap between the old dysfunctional paradigm and a new conscious one is by organized action that bypasses the current system.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the solution and wish to participate in the World Summit in some way, or even just follow the developments, head over to the website here.

You are invited to share your knowledge, to use your skills and resources, and to add your energy to the global amplification of World Summit’s intention to facilitate the co-creation of the best possible future for humanity. This is an opportunity to be part of something that will be bigger than all of us, something greater than the sum of the individual parts. We are excited about what we are capable of, and we invite you to come and get excited with us…today.