The Yuga Cycle – When Does the Kali Yuga End?

There is a tremendous amount of confusion when it comes to the yuga cycle and when the Kali yuga ends. I have distilled the most important information about this topic to clarify when does the dark age of Kali end.

Before going any further, it’s important to clarify a few things about this topic. This shouldn’t be looked at as a prediction that, at the strike of midnight on a certain day in a certain year, there is going to be an ascension, sudden cataclysm, etc. These may occur, and at a certain moment in time, but when exactly that is will not be something we can definitively state with absolute certainty. This largely has to do with the vast, intricate, and complex nature of interconnected consciousness, with trillions upon trillions of aspects all affecting one another, which continually changes the outcomes within Reality we experience.

While I don’t necessarily see anything sudden happening one the last day of the Kali Yuga, just as I told people before 2012 that nothing visibly or physically would dramatically change on 12/21/12 (I did, however, experience a palpable energetic shift and kinetic movement at the Mayan pyramids on that date), I definitely foresee many tumultuous events happening throughout the transition period before the Dwapara Yuga because the archeological evidence proves this has been the case going back at least until the transition period coming after the most recent end of the Satya Yuga.

I am certainly no authority on yugas but I have found remarkable evidence in the archeological, geological, and historical record of civilization-changing events that happened precisely within the transformational transition periods. It is wise for all of us to be humble and keep an open mind because Reality is far more complex and different than our ego minds will have us believe.

So, when is the Kali Yuga ending?

I highly suggest watching the entire video posted above to see the three main methods used to calculate the yugas and the yuga cycle called a Chatur Yuga that goes from Kali Yuga, to Dwapara Yuga, to Treta Yuga, to Satya Yuga.

The method I found to be the most accurate involves sourcing information from the famed Indian astronomer Aryabhata, who sourced his information from the oldest Vedic texts, including ones now lost to us. Accounting for deliberate obfuscations of the truth by people who came after him, I have uncovered that Aryabhata wanted us to know that the entire yuga cycle is 24,000 years old.

This means that there is a 12,000-year ascent from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga, followed by a 12,000-year descent, from Satya Yuga to Kali Yuga. In the video, I go into all of the parallels in other civilizations in the ancient world that also match the complete 24,000 year cycle.

You can view this time cycle as being a sine wave. Considering that “as above, so below” holds true universally, it makes sense that time is line a sine wave. However, mapping it our multidimensionally, we can view time as being a spiral. This matches the way the planets move around the sun, kind of like this:

Aryabhata found that the highly advanced beings that brought wisdom and knowledge to his civilization taught about each yuga being equal, not following the 4:3:2:1 count that crept in far more recently, muddying the waters. This means that each yuga is 3,000 years long, which includes a 300-year transition period between yugas where there is a blend of both the yuga prior and the yuga post the transition period. I go into great depth in the first video in this article showing the vast archeological, geological, and cultural evidence that a majority of the most tumultuous times on Earth and in society occurred within these 300-year transition periods.

…and that leads us to today.

We are currently in the ascending Kali Yuga, which started in 676 BCE. This means the ascending Kali Yuga will end in 2025 CE!

Here’s a handy chart that shows the dates of the start and end of every ascending and descending yuga within the macro yuga cycle we are in.

Following 2025, we will have a turbulent 300-year transition period before we fully enter the ascending Dwapara Yuga. Let’s face it; we didn’t come to Earth at this time for a vacation. We are here during this Time of Transition to help humanity ascending in consciousness and tilt its evolution towards a positive future present.

If you want to read more about time cycles and how we can predict the future thanks to them, take a look at this article. There are also many other time cycles, some of which we are not even aware of, so keep that in mind when considering the yugas. There very well may be a cycle that is ending this year, next year, or within the next few years that leads to some massive ascension of some kind. We cannot ever say with certainty but we can keep an open mind and become as pure in thought, word, and deed as possible to prepare. It will not be inner work that will be going to waste, regardless of what does or doesn’t happen.

You are here at this time because you believed you were made for this. Things are about to get turned up, so I highly suggest going through all of your wounds, traumas, trapped emotions, ego issues, etc. and resolve them over the next few years before we get into the thick of things. The world could use all of us being on our A-game as it goes through the Time of Transition.


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