Timeline Intel for Starseeds, Vision-Keepers & LightWorkers: Timeline Split and Collective Re-Merge

Aloha Earth-Star-Family, my name is Xi EarthStar anchoring in 6D/9D Angelic-Andromedan connection today during our present Earth-Sun-Andromeda stellar alignment.  I feel called to share my perspective on the Timeline Split and eventual Timeline Merge which many are experiencing in their Personal Life Streams, and Post Disclosure Timeline which is accessed through the Imagination realms.
This is going to be a bit of a long read because in order to share truly where I am in my Heart and Perspective, I have to describe where I’m coming from and the thought processes that I drove through to establish the Timeline which I am called to Anchor in this Body and the Planet at this time.
I want to begin by stating that I feel in my Heart and Soul that I have come to this planet to assist in a Planetary Consciousness Shift.  What this means is radically shifting the Consciousness Network of Humanity from the passing controlled paradigm of the false matrix, to the Organic Source Created field of Magic, Love & Creation.  What this means is that by the end of our mission, Humanity will live on a Planet in harmony with each other, with all its Creatures and Elements, while expressing their boundless Love, Magic and Creativity which is Naturally their Birth-Right.
Since my awakening to the Multi-Dimensionality of Reality in 2013 I have been shown this image which depicts the process of Creation of Timelines through the Imagination.  As many are aware, our Thoughts create Reality through actively engaging in Imagination.  It is how any creation was birthed, first from a thought like: “it would be nice to have a swimming pool”.  Then from this Thought of Inspiration from Curiosity and Play, we go on to envision: “I would need to dig a large hole and line it with water-proof material like rock, plastic or crystal.”  
Working backwards we would assemble all the tools and materials, and build it in the 3D to materialize a Timeline in which we had envisioned this swimming pool.  I saw this process inside a blue tube of shifting multi-dimensional lines representing the myriad different ways we can get to our Vision. The different ways being, we can choose between different tools, different materials, different helpers, and build the swimming pool in a few days, over a month, or a few years.  These are all possibilities and different pathways which we may choose to materialize our swimming pool.
Instead of building a swimming pool, we are remodelling a planet and the ways its human inhabitants live on it.  We are Creating a proverbial Heaven on Earth, where all beings are Sovereign, free to express their Creativity and Joy without being bound by unspoken, unconscious old paradigm belief systems.  So this is the Envisioned Manifestation, for all light workers and starseeds to hold, while we work together, synergistically combining our gifts, passion, knowledge, wisdom and Vision.
Just as there are infinite different ways to build ours swimming pool, there are myriad possibilities in the Creation of Heaven On Earth.  This is the pool of infinite possibility and the quantum realm where all possibilities exist simultaneously.  Through our consciousness, thoughts and actions, we anchor thought by thought, moment to moment, and weave from the lines of infinite into the solid Reality, pulling Creation into the material realm.
On a personal level, this can unfold again in infinite number of ways.  We can choose to quit smoking today, or a week later.  We can choose to spend time each day to merge with our higher dimensional selves, or we can choose to do it later.  We can choose to expand our awareness to accept the totality of the situation on Earth, or we can choose to remain in a limited frame of existence for comfort for another day.  Whether we choose out of not trusting in higher alternatives, or we choose in a knowingness, is up to us, in each moment. 
At this time there are Angels, Galactics, Elementals and Mystical beings in the higher dimensions holding and assisting in this collective Co-Creation.  Why?  Because the Earth and Humanity means a lot to these beings, whom many Starseeds are incarnate relatives of.  This is why Starseeds and Angelics and Elementals and a wide range of wise and powerful spirits are incarnate in Human bodies at this time!  This is why a timeline where some beings ascend but most remain in the false matrix makes absolutely no sense to me.


Let us explore the definition of a Timeline.  It is the imagined trajectory of Future moments which is created through changes and shifts made in the ever evolving Now moment.  For most of us, we started our Earth life in a very different “reality” than our current awakened one.  For example, when I was a child, the personality and identity prescribed to me by the mass reality program at the time was a studious Chinese girl.  So from the time I was young, a Timeline was created for me within which I would study hard, get into University, become an accountant or nurse or something else useful to the passing societal paradigm.
Of course at some point this timeline, which we can call “artificial” because it served the “artificial matrix of reality”, had to be broken as my Higher Self stepped forth to be embodied. This is a Timeline Shift, as the previous trajectory of my Life as a sleeping Chinese girl is disintegrated and the New Trajectory of an Embodied Starseed is created.
As all beings have Free Will at any point of their incarnation, any starseed or lightworker, or anyone, can choose their level of transformation from the passing Paradigm to the New Earth paradigm.  In this way, timeline split can occur in a moment, in a week, in a month, or a decade.  As many are awakening and Choosing to Align with the Highest Timeline of Acceleration and New Earth Manifestation, our collective Timeline shifts and accelerates as well.  And Truly many are responding to this Call of Acceleration and Embodiment!

“We Choose the Reality our Frequency Corresponds With.”

And truly we do.  Yet because most on the planet were born into what already existed, the False Reality Matrix, most were never given a choice at birth to choose the Frequency which they will Live.  They were stamped and branded a limited, low Frequency to live in, and contained in that frequency through trauma, mass media, processed foods, distorted understandings of Love, Sexual Creative energy and relationship with self, others and our World.  A frequency devoid of authentic love, infinite creativity and abundance.
As you can envision then, what Humanity is going through collectively is a shift in Frequency, or Consciousness.  Shifting from the frequency of scarcity, confusion, hatred, fear… into the higher frequencies of love, abundance, creativity, joy…
How can this be achieved?  If we are to work backwards as we did in the construction of our swimming pool, we would need to gather the tools and materials needed for this project.  As in the example of the swimming pool, we would need to dig the whole, gather the walls, and do the work to create it.  In this situation of transforming Earth into Heaven, we would need to dissolve the false media stations, corrupt governments, take care of the astral garbage that held humanity down, and re-educate everyone on the infinite possibility and beautiful magic that is in actuality our Home, Earth.
Now in a reality of Infinite Creativity & Possibility, we are truly free to create anything we wish to experience.  For the Starseeds and Lightworkers we are focussed together in manifesting a Timeline of Liberation & Unveiling for All (Full Disclosure). 
So I am choosing to anchor in through my imagination and empowered faith in myself as a Creator being (mirroring to all others, who are also powerful Creator beings) to envision Creative pathways for Magic to work its way into the cracking foundations of the old paradigm.
For the Starseed and LightWorker, the personal Timeline Shift would appear as a Timeline Split apart from what the masses are experiencing. We are splitting off from the false reality which most are still entangled within, and creating a new Reality starting with themselves. This looks like a relocation, joining with Star Family to create a living reality which feels and looks like a New Earth. Sharing of newly integrated Star-skills of healing, communication and creativity.
It is necessary to create this alternate Timeline for starseeds to fully embody themselves, while multi-dimensional team members continue to take down the lower astral boogies. All of this happens simultaneously, as it is all apart of a holistic Plan. It’s akin to creating a new field outside of the false matrix to give Embodied Starseeds the time and space to fully embody their Multi-Dimensional self. As this happens, as the Starseeds are preparing, the masses are also being prepared through disclosure. Once all is in place, and the masses are educated on the Truth of the Starseed presence on Earth, the Starseeds can re-emerge into the world to Fulfill their Mission as Prophesied.
What would Full Disclosure look like?  Many envision starships appearing in the sky, but what if we are Already Here?  The Starseeds and Earth walking Angels are able to tap into the multi-dimensional fabric of Reality and connect and communicate with the Galactic Guardians who are present assisting us in this UpLevel experience.  Yet the 3D materialized Star-Beings called to Earth to assist are Already here!  Walking around in plain sight, in Human Bodies.  And as a Starseed on Earth, I have seen the Starships appear in the sky, through the Multi-Dimensional fields of Reality.  This is already happening.
The Earth Walking Starseeds and Angels are the Ground Crew for the Physical Materializing of Heaven on Earth.  How we choose to proceed with this mission is a co-creative effort between our Galactic teams and us in physical form!  I implore each starseed to activate their multi-dimensional awareness to engage in higher forms of LightWork, through meditation, astral Light Work, and also the Creation of Beauty in the Physical Earth Realm.
As an Embodied Starseed I am establishing an Anchor into a Materialized Manifestation of Heaven on Earth where All are Liberated, In Reverence, and Rejoicing in the Splendour of Creation.
Lately I have been seeing and anchoring in a particular accelerated disclosure timeline where within 3-5 years, the masses will have received education on what had occurred on Planet Earth (Satanic Astral Slavery essentially, the siphoning of our sacred creative energy and that of the Earth) ~ All Astral and AI interference is cleared off the Planet in all dimensions (through Starseeds, Galactics, Angelics, and other Guardian races both on the Ground and in the Multi-Dimensional Realms)  All are educated, instructed and offered Medicines that heal the Body and Spirit in all dimensions.
I continue to see visions in which the Reality of Starseeds on Earth is educated and shared with the Massed by those Starseeds who incarnated as Celebrities within the old paradigm.  Bringing this starseed mission full circle, as we step into a global role of leadership and healing.  Imagine that Starseeds and LightWorkers, being recognized and accepted for Who You Are on a collective, global level, and being Invited and Celebrated to share your gifts!  Yes, this is the Reality that we are Creating through our personal and collective Disclosure of Truth.
So the perceived Timeline Split for light-workers and starseeds is temporary in the sense that yes we are being lifted into an alternate reality present simultaneously on Earth. This is occurring so that we can train, activate and embody, so that when the World is ready to receive us, we will re-merge the Timelines and again be One to Fulfill our Starseed Mission in Full Blossom.
In Love, Reverence & Service to Life, may we move Forth in our Embodiment of our Highest Self for the Benefit of All Life on this Planet, and in the Universe.
Xi EarthStar Healer
Starseed Activator, Multi-Dimensional Healer & Song Bird
This article has been republished with permission from EarthStar