Tools to Calm Your Nervous System, Support Respiratory Health, and Adapt to Change [FREE EVENT]

Exhale. Inhale.

2020 was quite a year…

… and it’s time to go from holding your breath to breathing fully again.

Are you ready to release the over-worry and shock you’ve been holding for so long — and revitalize your body and mind? As 2021 begins, you have a new opportunity to support your nervous system, unwind, reset, and settle into a calmer baseline. 

It may be reassuring to know that — even when you’re not trying — your body is breathing. No matter how exhausted, bereaved, or stressed you are, the breath is still there. 

That’s a big part of what makes breathwork so magical and essential… it’s always only a millisecond away. Like a beloved friend, the allyship of your own breath is always available to you — and it doesn’t require a nearby gym, fancy equipment, or advanced physical prowess. 

After a year of upheaval, uncertainty, and collective fear around our respiratory health, this summit provides a safe space to unwind, unplug from anxiety, and tap into the miraculous healing power of your own breath.

During this 4-day online gathering of soulful breathwork professionals and dedicated practitioners, we’ll move from collective gasp… to deep diaphragmatic breathing again.

Together we can lay the groundwork to heal and to thrive. 

The Shift Network’s returning and much-loved Breathwork Summit reveals the science, art, and power of full-spectrum breathing… as our extraordinary speakers share simple, yet deep breathwork practices to move you from stress, stagnation, and depletion into easeful states infused with vitality, alertness, and greater joy in life. 

Free Online Event
Breathwork Summit
January 11-14, 2021

This timely event is featuring more than 30 of today’s highly sought-after breathwork experts and teachers — including Dan Brule, Ayo Handy-Kendi, Matt Kudish, Abiola Abrams, Masami Covey, Jessica Dibb, Aki Hirata-Baker, Jim Morningstar, and many other luminaries.

They’ll be sharing numerous simple breathwork practices to move you from stress, anxiety, fatigue, or depletion into easeful states infused with vitality and relaxed alertness.  

This groundbreaking Breathwork Summit will reveal the science, art, and power of full-spectrum breathing. I hope you’ll participate in this online gathering presented by The Shift Network and hosted by Kathleen Booker, the “Jedi of Calm.”

 Prepare to be transformed!

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During this profound 4-day event, you’ll discover:

  • Enhanced breathing techniques to calm down and “groom” your nervous system so you’re less reactive to people and circumstances
  • The delights of going on a “plant walk” in the tropics to share some deep breaths with our fellow tree friends
  • Breathing practices that aid in womb health and wellness
  • A comprehensive breathing plan you can integrate into your daily routine
  • An introduction to the Toltec lineage practice of Quetzalcoatl breathwork
  • Increased health — including boosted immune system, cardiac vigor, and more
  • Inspiring personal stories on how breathwork is used behind bars in juvenile detention
  • Ways you can apply breathwork in challenging, high-stress settings
  • Landmark ways to use breathwork in community building and inter-racial healing work
  • How you can increase your “light body” to make it more expansive and brighter using the breath

And so much more!

Have you ever watched closely how a baby breathes? Their entire body flutters with unhindered movement with each inhale and exhale… 

YOU can be that unencumbered again — shaking off the crust of old tension habits and fully expressing yourself in a world that desperately needs more embodied, centered souls! 

Join us in this landmark event. We look forward to seeing you there. 

RSVP here for the Breathwork Summit — at no charge

Here’s some of what the brilliant speakers will be sharing with you…

  • Ayo Handy-Kendi will elegantly reveal how we gain strength in our “unity in our diversity,” and use a 7-step process called Breath Circles to Heal the Divides.
  • Jim Morningstar will convey deep wisdom about identifying six different body themes, and share exercises to release chronic unconscious holding patterns.
  • Join Michael Stone as he shows how breathwork is  a fantastic tool for bringing unconscious conditioning and old traumas to light, connecting to your most authentic truths, and understanding your ultimate purpose in life.
  • Journey into the nexus of breath and spirit with Dan Brule as he shares 3 of his favorite spiritual breathing exercises and meditations.
  • Mireya Alejo Marcet will share the gifts from her nearly 30 years of holotropic breathwork — and the way in which the breath and expressive arts can offer a rich container for the exploration.
  • Receive manifold comfort and guidance with Abiola Abrams as she shares the ways breath reconnects us to the Divine Feminine… helping us get nourished and stay grounded in difficult times.
  • Experience the release of stigma around mental health and wellbeing with Matt Kudish, as he illuminates various methods of breathing that specifically calm your mind.
  • Jessica Dibb will expound on how breathworkers are “essential workers,” and now that certain shadows of humanity have been revealed — what potential may be birthed through conscious breathwork and embodiment.
  • With Masami Covey, you’ll delve into how your breath determines the health of your brain, lungs, and emotions — while you discover ways to improve brain function, balance your nervous system, and slow down aging.

And much more!

RSVP here for the Breathwork Summit — at no charge