Top 10 Signs of Kundalini Activation and How Best To Respond

1) Energy surges from the base: You literally start to feel powerful surges of energy moving up from the base chakra. If you stand in stillness, or even sit, you’ll likely find your body wanting to sway and gyrate. If this is the case, bring attention to the movement and attune to it – the movement itself will help integrate Kundalini. These surges could feel very sexual at times.
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2) Lucid and prophetic dreaming: If you start prophetic and lucid dreaming that appear to give you messages for key situations in your life or the sense of ‘future-landing-now’, this could also be a sign of Kundalini beginning to activate. The dreams are giving you indications of how to move forwards. In which case, begin a dream journal where you go to bed with the intention of waking up after the dream. Record what took place but without immediately trying to interpret. Then come back later in the day when you’re relaxed and expanded. Simply write down the first things that come to you. Progressively the interpretations of higher mind will make increasing sense within the landscape you’re moving into.
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3) Inner purification: With the onset of kundalini activation, there will be a natural desire to purify the physical, emotional and mental bodily vehicles. Carefully consider diet – explore moving more to a plant based diet and away from processed food. It’s especially important to ditch processed sugar, alchohol, nicotine and to regulate caffeine intake. Let the emotional expression flow. Be very careful to cut out negative mental influences from the media and internet. Regulate use of internet and social media time.
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4) Chakra blockages and karma: Usually Kundalini will rise until it hits a blockage in one of the chakras (such as the heart) or starts to activate a karmic past life felt as an inexplicable pain in a particular area of the body – although there’s no apparent physical cause. In which case, let yourself explore into the karma, animate and express the feelings. Watch for synchronistic reflections pointing to attachments that you need to let go of.
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5) Signs and synchronicity: You’ll feel a natural pull to follow more the higher dimensional flow in life. In which case be attentive to signs and synchronicity. Work to interpret what they are trying to tell you, predominantly in terms of how the reflections make you feel on the inside. What aspect of shadow identity are you being invited to release? What new aspect of beingness wants to come through? What Right Action are you being invited to take now?
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6) Increased empathy with nature: Your connection to nature will most likely increase, with deep empathic feelings for all sentient life. It becomes increasingly difficult to do things that might harm other creatures. The natural word begins to speak to you with the reflection of power animals for your journey. Creatures appear at exactly the right time to reflect to you what you now need to work through.
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7) Growing pains in the body: As you open up more to the surges of kundalini energy, you’ll feel strong ‘growing pains’ in the body. This is where the light of Unity Consciousness is infusing into inner density and tightness through the body – perhaps where you’ve previously conditioned the body through excessive sport and become unconscious in various physical layers. DNA will also start to heal and realign which can cause strong physical pain.
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8) Inner child/teenager identities: Rising Kundalini will cause the confrontation of any inner identity filters that maintain the polarity of lower and higher self – these must be purged from your being. Hence you’ll likely be projected into family challenges based on conditioning from your childhood.
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9) Integration of Higher Self: With Kundalini Activation, the higher self will begin to integrate into your lower being. You’ll start to appreciate more of the multidimensional landscape your soul is moving through. The outer reality becomes more metaphoric and it becomes progressively easier to interpret the deeper meaning behind events and circumstances.
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10) Experiences of No Self: at times you’ll find yourself slipping into the Void of Presence, where you feel completely at-one with everything, where time seems to disappear, there’s total acceptance of the moment and the sense that the ego personality is unravelling and disappearing – that it is ‘dying’. There will come moments of tremendous clarity and the sense of non-localised presence. Work to embody these perceptions and sensations. Unravel fear or attachment to it.
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