Traditional Japanese Bamboo Flute Music [Relaxing Music]

traditional japanese zen statues

This week’s healing sounds are in the form of some beautiful traditional Japanese zen melodies.

Sometimes, some of the most relaxing music comes from our past. This hour-long track is a continuous flow of zen music in the traditional Japanese style, featuring flutes and other beautiful musical elements.

This is a great track to have on in the background of a Qi Gong or Tai Chi session. You can also simply keep it on in the background in your home while you go on with your day. Music has the ability to change your emotions incredibly quickly and tune to the frequencies it has. This is why certain kinds of music, like this one, can make it easier to be in a lighter and more positive mood.

This traditional Japanese zen music can also to play through outside speakers in your garden, turning it into an enchanted wonderland, full of magic and wonder.

I find that listening to this helps me with writing. It inspires me and helps my mind make associations in ways that are not always possible. Lots of music can do that, which is why I will listen to different kinds of music depending on what I am writing about. It acts as a great tool in creativity. You can find the same inspiration when you draw and paint as well.

If you are simply looking for something to listen to and help you relax, this instrumental traditional Japanese zen music will definitely be able to do so.

If you like a more active meditation, this music can take you to some phenomenal realms, if you allow yourself to flow with it. So go on and let your worries melt away into the past.

Enjoy these beautiful melodies and harmonics and follow the Youtube channel for more healing sounds.