Understanding Our Divine Relationship

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

When it comes to maintaining our relationships, whether they’re material, emotional, or spiritual, the basic beliefs we’ve been taught are actually backwards. We’ve been misled by the ego-driven world. In nearly every aspect of our lives we’ve adopted the mistaken belief that we just need to work harder, make more of an effort, and do the right things to succeed. Only then shall we be worthy of love, rewarded for our efforts, and praised for our deeds. We have fallen into the trap of ‘conditional love.’ We believe that our Being depends upon our Doing. In truth, our Doing depends upon our Being!

This is a tricky concept to illustrate. Explanations often sound perplexing and heady, something a hippie from the 1960’s might ramble about in a drug haze. Other authors have attempted to describe the spiritual aspects of our Being and Doing, yet I feel none have captured the heart of the concept as brilliantly as Nathan Martin and Aline Van Meer of Divine Pollination in their article “The Flow of Unity Consciousness: Being Supports our Doing.”

“Being present is the gift, no action can equal the gift of being present with another person. We’ve gotten it backwards in our society, and it’s time that we change that; actions result from being, actions do not secure being. I’ll be here now with you, and you can be here now with me, and that is how we’ll be together.”

~Nathan & Aline

For some readers, this may all seem rather intuitive and self-evident. There may even be a gender gap involved. Women may have an easier time grasping this concept than men. Generally, women tend to be more in touch with their emotional Being, while men are driven to prove themselves by Doing. There may also be a generational divide. Today, the younger generations are being raised by a different set of values that often places Being over Doing… every child gets a gold star, every player gets a trophy.

In contrast, older generations placed more value on Doing over Being. These generations often view the young generations as having an unnatural sense of entitlement, but perhaps this sense of entitlement is a disorder that should expand to all people across the globe: the basic expectation of healthy food, clean water, free healthcare, free energy, affordable housing, the expectation of an education without becoming a debt slave, and the expectation of a job that enriches both the soul and the planet … for world peace. Older generations might label such incredible expectations as pure Socialism. Of course, this is what we were conditioned to believe. The fact that the Soviet flag bore the hammer and sickle demonstrates that Communism was never about Being supporting Doing.

However, this revolutionary shift is already taking place in our society, today!  We are quietly shifting from masculine dominance to a more feminine influence, from an older mindset to younger viewpoint. Is it any wonder that the elite establishment is mostly made up of wealthy old men? To keep their power and influence they must maintain this backwards energetic system – of Doing subverting Being – the Master-Slave Relationship. But as we shall see, this is the reverse flow the Divine Relationship, of Being supporting Doing.

Note: in the post “The State of Being Sheeple,” I demonstrated that the elite have worked for decades to retard Americans into psychologically subservient children, yet it would seem that they may have ultimately worked against their own interests, creating a subversive generation that now values Being over Doing (if only they would wake up and exert their power.)

Being vs. Doing in Material Relationships

“Humanity uses actions to make money, which we then use to buy things that will “be” with us, like a house, a car, or even a partner. Money, sex, romance, etc., are a bridge, conduit, and pipe between two beings, but we understand them as the token of our securing safety and approval, rather than the connector that links us together; we’re obsessed with the symbol of connection rather than the being that we can connect to. We say that we will only be present with another if they earn our trust and love with romance, money, sex, freedom, safety, or any other intimate connector that we perceive as valuable, and reject them should they stop showing us our perceived value with such payoffs. We see ourselves as a valuable, or cheap, depending on how we were raised, object that can be purchased by the highest bidder, and not as the infinite (priceless) being that we actually are.”

~Nathan & Aline

When we are busy Doing and not Being, we tend to lose ourselves, becoming busy little robots running around, performing our programming for some faceless authority without question.  The parasitic institutions of our corporate world operate by this principle, where Doing supports and defines our Being. We define ourselves by a job, a title, our influence, our wealth, and our possessions, and thus we support the self-esteem of our Being by blindly Doing and buying, creating a cycle of materialism.

Television reinforces these messages, telling us what products to buy and what clothes to wear to become happy, satisfied Beings – but only temporarily, like a drug. And that is the trap of Doing supports Being. This flow of energy from Doing to Being is just a drug, a temporal illusion we create for ourselves, and makes up the core of deceptive programming within the Material World Matrix. This is how we are kept asleep and enslaved.

However, when we reverse this negative pattern, when we operate from our Being, making decisions based upon the inner knowledge that we are valuable immortal Beings of unknown potential and unlimited energy, then what we choose to Do is completely transformed. We are no longer enslaved or afraid. We no longer require external permission or approval. The joy we experience is truly ours, it comes from within. It’s not the temporary high we experience from Doing. It’s the permanent joy we experience from Being.  Doing is temporal.  Being is eternal.

“A person who is in a unity flow within themselves is completely sovereign, they are unable to be placed into or dominated by any hierarchical system, and have no authority but that which is found within their own beings; they have everything they need within them and do not need to manipulate or leach energy from another.”

~Nathan & Aline

Being vs. Doing in Emotional Relationships

“Relationships are also backwards, where it is the expectation that one or both partners work and do their fair share around the home and in the relationship, to show that they are committed and love each other; this commitment is then able to secure the opportunity to be in a relationship with the other person. However, this system of compromise and hard work is exhausting to all involved, as the resistance and backwards flow makes doing loving actions a never-ending cycle of proving self-value worthiness that secures the other’s continued presence (being) in the relationship.”

~Nathan & Aline

‘Relationships require plenty of hard work,’ or so we’ve been told. Relationships based upon Doing are doomed from the start to constant maintenance to keep them intact. Some folks are afraid of commitment because they believe demanding emotional work is required in every relationship. And yet the best relationships are often the ones that require no work at all, the ones where you are simply allowed to Be who you are and allow your partner to Be whom they are.  Such relationships require a certain amount of Unconditional Love.

Yet we are usually setting some preconditions, either consciously or subconsciously. Having expectations can become the enemy of Unconditional Love, especially if we aren’t aware of what those expectations are deep down inside.  Unmet expectations can lead to bitterness and disappointment. “I love you if,” or “I love you when,” or “I love you because,” are conditional relationships that require some expected action or behavior. Their foundation is based upon Doing and receiving, rather than Being. Unconditional Love is where Being supports Doing.  Conditional Love is where Doing supports Being.

Two conscious Beings in a relationship, who love each other unconditionally, already have the best intentions for each other.  Each respects and allows their partner the freedom to Be who they are and Become who they wish to Be, supporting them without expectation of reward or a desired transformation. And yes, sometimes such freedom risks the end of the relationship, particularly if the attachment is lopsided. Yet in a world where Unconditional Love is the exception and not the rule, when two people are on the same journey, they typically choose to walk it together.

“It is the “doing’s” job to receive the gift of the “being”, but most people reverse the pattern in order to do positive, actionable things for others as gifts, often to prove themselves worthy of love and respect; but this provides diminishing returns, and causes many unsatisfying relationships and experiences.”

~Nathan & Aline

Being vs. Doing in Spiritual Relationships

“The main consequence of resistance in the emotional, spiritual, and physical body is that an increased amount of life force energy must be exerted to keep the flow of energy going in our day-to-day lives; this reversed flow is tremendously inefficient and draining of our divine and material energy reserves. This energy loss also results in our inability to manifest our intentions as conscious creators, unless a person resorts to manipulation or parasitic tendencies to regain enough energy from others to satisfy their desires; this is the essence of lust and greed.

However, in a unity relationship, also known as the Divine Marriage, the being gives to the doing 100% of the time without fail, which means that there isn’t any resistance or energy loss within or without, as they’re not working for what is already theirs, they’re being with and receiving what is already theirs. ”

~Nathan & Aline

The misperception that our relationships require and demand work, via energy drain, is perhaps the most fundamental error we have made as a civilization. And nowhere can this fact be more obviously demonstrated than in the energy paradigms that fuel our industrial society. Currently we still depend upon an enormously inefficient system of burning fossil fuels to create our energy.

Approximately two-thirds of the fuel burned to generate electricity is lost in the generation and delivery process. Or, to put it another way, our electric power system operates at approximately 33 percent efficiency. There has been no improvement in efficiency in the electric power industry since the 1960s.  Source

These fuel systems require a great deal of Doing (inefficient and polluting chemical reactions) to support our Being (having electricity).  But what if we could transition to an energy paradigm where Being (abundant energy) supports Doing (creating a better world)?  Just a few years ago this would have sounded like fantasy to most people.  However, these technologies are being researched and produced right now. Free Energy or Zero Point Energy is a literal manifestation of this new way of thinking, living in a paradigm of universal shared abundance.

Furthermore, this paradigm shift is by in large a spiritual transformation.  Our entire approach to the Universe around us must shift from Doing (struggling and fighting against the universe) to Being (embracing the Universe with Unconditional Love).

We can start by better understanding our relationship to the Divine.

This is an area where I have struggled myself.  For many years, I could never quite understand why my relationship with the Divine (God/Source/my guides/my higher self) seemed so unequal, why I was expected to do all the hard work, why those on the other side of the veil refused to lift a finger to help me out, only providing me with the occasional word or synchronicity of loving support. It seemed so unfair and hypocritical to me.

But then I completely misunderstood the relationship and the flow of energy between the Divine world and the Human world.  I realized I shouldn’t feel bad about the mistake, because our religions got it wrong too.  We’ve  approached the Divine completely backwards, by putting Doing first and Being last.

Western religions taught us to put Doing first, that we must repent, or do good deeds, or suffer, or pray, or study, or worship, or attend church.  Eastern religions were closer to the truth of Being present with Spirit in silent meditation.

We need to understand that Spirit exists in an eternal state of Being.  As incarnated Humans, we live in a temporal state of Doing called life.  The correct flow of any relationship is always Being supports Doing.  Therefore, the correct flow of energy is from Spirit to Creation, not the other way around.  Spirit (Being) is supporting Creation (Doing) all the time in ways that we can not always perceive.  We exist because of Spirit.  We are nourished by Spirit, and we are loved by Spirit, unconditionally.  Our part in this relationship is to allow Spirit (Being) to nurture us, to accept the abundance that Spirit wishes to offer us, and to embrace the support that Spirit provides us, to recreate our world (Doing).  In return, all we need to do is simply believe.

Once we correct the flow of energy, Being supports Doing, we open the flood gates that allow Spirit (Being) to support us in our manifestations (Doing).  We remove the blockages from our thought processes that allows abundance to enter our lives, and by extension the world.  Of course, the definition of abundance is transformed when Being supports Doing.  We get exactly what we require, not what we desire, because our desire is a form of Doing.

Being supports Doing = positive flow of energy

Doing supports Being = negative flow of energy

In Conclusion

The old paradigm has created a world of scarcity, struggle, ignorance, and fear. The elite maintain power by this negative flow of energy, by obsessively putting Doing before Being – their soulless pursuit of wealth, power and control over others create a Master-Slave dynamic.

However, when we put Being in front of Doing, we transform our lives and in the process we begin to transform the world around us.  It is the opposite of our current paradigm, our fearful frantic plugged-in lives on auto-pilot. We are distracted by Doing, fruitlessly searching for the joy of our Being. In many respects, we are plugged into entertainment and social media because we long to connect with the wellspring of our Being.  But only by unplugging from the Matrix around us can we to truly connect with our inner self.  And when we do, we suddenly find that our lives become much easier to live.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

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