Unlock the Secrets of the Universe With Noviria – A New Conscious Platform

What is the universe, exactly? Reality is an incredibly elegant place we find ourselves in, with infinite mysteries waiting for us to uncover. The more we understand what we’re all inside of and what our place in it is, the closer we come to attaining full consciousness and the benefits that go with it, like supramental transformation.

There is a new conscious media platform called Noviria that is looking to do its part in the unraveling of some of life’s biggest mysteries. Knowledge is power and Noviria is looking to empower as many people as possible through its courses.

Here’s a quick intro to the platform and what’s in store over the coming weeks and months:

We interviewed the founder of Noviria, Melina Maghazehi, to learn more about the platform.

What is Noviria? 

Noviria is a platform dedicated to unlocking the Secrets of the Universe in the form of immersive courses. It aims to connect Science, Philosophy, and Spirituality in order to better understand how our Universe operates.

Tell us about yourself what is your background like and how did it inspire you to create a platform like this?

My name is Melina. I am originally from the South of France and now live in the UK. When I was a child, I quickly became passionate about astronomy and for a long time aspired to become a scientist. I used to say to everyone that my passion was the Universe, which is still the case :)
I have also always been very drawn to spirituality, philosophy, and mysticism. Hence why I love connecting all those fields together!
Growing up, I knew that I wanted to participate in making a positive change in the World, perhaps in the creation of a new, better system. That’s all I was dreaming of, but was confused as to how to achieve this.

In 2020, I created an Instagram account called Blue Monarch where I connected Science and Spirituality together in order to provide a better understanding of the Universe. This account allowed me to share my passion with other like-minded souls from around the Globe.

I still felt the need to create something fully dedicated to my passion, outside of Instagram. That’s when Noviria was born. After spending months working on the idea, design, and the content of Noviria, I finally launched it on the 29th of August 2021!

Whilst I am currently working on the first immersive course, many articles and videos are available on the platform if you are interested in diving in a little bit deeper.

What is available to engage with now on Noviria, and what will be available in the near future? 

You can find two different sections on Noviria. The Encyclopedia, which, in other words, is the blog section of the platform. The Encyclopedia aspires to become the most complete online source of information surrounding the mysteries of the Universe. It includes articles on physics, quantum mechanics, consciousness, philosophy, metaphysics, innovation and more!
Then comes the Academy, which is the platform that will host all the immersive courses. A free sample named the Introduction to the Academy can be found there if you wish to learn more about Noviria’s mission. The courses will be designed using 3D world software and various storylines in order to immerse you into other Universes.
The very first course will be an immersive quest aiming to uncover the true Nature of Time and will be available before the end of the year. You can subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know about the launch!

What is your long-term vision for the future of Noviria?

I would love Noviria to be a platform where people with different backgrounds and perspectives gather to explore insights about the true nature of the World.
I was also thinking of potentially turning Noviria into a more interactive platform similar to a video game with the same goal of expanding our knowledge whilst traveling to other worlds and timelines.

How will Noviria be different from other platforms? 

Noviria has a completely different approach than most learning platforms. The courses will be more like immersive experiences with storylines where YOU get to be the main character rather than traditional courses. I believe in turning the process of learning into a fun, immersive experience that will not only push the limits of your imagination but will also expand your knowledge and perspective.

Are you interested in having other creators collaborate on this platform?

At the moment, all articles in the Encyclopedia are written by myself. However, I would be more than happy to have a few collaborators writing articles whenever they feel inspired to do so. I am also planning on having a few people make an appearance in some of my courses. I will probably need more help in the future and will let my community know via social media and my newsletter.

In what ways can other creators get involved? And what would be the best way for them to contact you? 

If you are interested in contributing in any way, you can let me know by either sending me a DM on Instagram (@blue_m0narch_) or by sending me an email at melina.maghazehi@protonmail.com

How can people who wish to support Noviria do so? 

There are a few ways you can support Noviria. The simplest ways are to subscribe to my Newsletter and share Noviria’s URL (www.noviria.com) along with the introduction video (embedded above this interview) to anyone you think may be interested.

If you wish to support me further, you can become one of my patrons on Patreon and gain access to exclusive contents and other perks only available on there!

A one-time donation will also be available in the near future right here.

Or you can simply make sure to follow me on Instagram and Youtube!

What is your vision for the future of our world and how can Noviria help in creating that? 

In a world filled with distractions, materialism is valued more than maintaining our connection with the Universe, each other and ourselves. A lot of people struggle with questioning the world and thinking differently, and an overall curiosity for the Universe has been lost.

People are encouraged to view the world in black and white and pick a side, without giving themselves enough time to properly think. In fact many are confused as to how to think for themselves. This comes from the habit of being told what to do by a form of authority since childhood. Whether it was our teachers, our parents, and now the mainstream media and politicians.

I believe people can be reminded how to think for themselves, how to follow their heart and explore new perspectives again. This is what Noviria aspires to do. By exploring scientific, spiritual, and philosophical insights, we connect fields that have been considered enemies for a long time and start seeing them as allies. This will aid in ending the division between science and spirituality; in other words, between the head and the heart, and restore balance.

I think the creation of a new, alternative school system will also be necessary for a better future. Encouraging children to reconnect with themselves and the World, to embrace differences, to think for themselves and to see things from a state of love instead of a state of fear is primordial for a sane society. Children are the future, so their education should not be treated lightly.

I would love to have a role in this as I have always been quite outspoken when it comes to how the education system is failing students. I believe a lot of changes can be achieved with a better, more holistic education.

You have a lovely voice for narrating as demonstrated in the introduction video and you are a great writer as seen in your articles. Do you plan to do a lot more writing and narration on this platform and if so which topics are your favorites to explore?

I am planning on posting more regularly on YouTube so I will be narrating a lot on there. The courses will also require me to do a lot of writing as they will contain storylines. Moreover, if you enjoy reading, make sure to check my articles in the Encyclopedia!

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Creating Noviria has been an incredible journey, and is far from being over. It has taught me so much, not only about technicalities but also about myself. Practicing humility, patience, and persistence has been crucial during the making of this platform and I am proud to see where it has got me.

Anyone can achieve big things with the right mindset.

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