Ushering in a New Age of Transformational Festivals

This is the year of transformational festivals.

These immersive participatory gatherings leave a profound life-changing effect through inner growth and fostering a deep sense of love and community.

Open-sourced, pop-up environments are a powerful muse for manifesting our lucid dreams into reality with activations centered around dulcet music, surreal art installations, collaborative villages, thought-provoking workshops, and magical healing.

Transformational festivals are a catalyst to bring people of all ages together with a shared a vision, environments designed to create an intimate sense of sharing, to build a culture of consciousness creating a shifts towards social responsibly. The portal into a world beyond our wildest realities is opened by simply asking, “what is possible?”

These festivals are a far cry from the commercialized Coachella or Electric Daisy Carnival, which are merely proving that in the unified field of dreams, “if you build it, they will come.” You will not find giant McDonald’s sponsorship banners or girls in bikinis slinging free Red Bull. You know it’s not just a concert when you see people lined up with their reusable cups and plates, ready to be nourished with high-vibe, raw vegan cuisine and homemade kombucha.

Transformational festivalgoers are not trend followers, jumping on the conscious bandwagon as they down kale smoothies; they are a convergence of intuitive intellectuals that have meta-hacked the codes to unlock love, joy, and bold creativity.

We have proven through sold out event tickets fetching premium price tags, time-consuming travels to the depths of desert to go to Burning Man, and millions spent on elaborate art installations that this movement has some serious legs. As the festival circuit starts to reach critical mass, we have to now start asking, “What is next?”

The whole purpose of this is not to become the “Bread and circuses” of this era, but to act as a muse to inspire the creation of a new earth that stretches beyond what we thought was possible, ushering in a golden age for humanity.

The founders of Lucidity Festivals have banded together, leveraging this inter-connectedness of awakened individuals to rally a socio-cultural re-evolution to birth a permaculture, festival, and transformational wellness center and community.

A short period after the Enchanted Forest gathering, some highly potent energy came together to make a collective land purchase of Stone Bear for this community-driven infastructure. However, a local outdoor events ordinance and a few other challenges rendered the project not viable. Over 300 people responded to this call to action with interest to live onsite and with overwhelming support, offering to contribute their skills and labor. Jonah Haas, of Lucidity Festivals, shared that his team is still actively looking for the right land to bring this vision to fruition.

Another project in the works, Delphi, a 100-acre entertainment complex near Lake Mohave surrounded by 10,000 acres of secluded mountains, 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Founded by Michael Sean Brown, Delphi features multiple amphitheaters with on-site RV rentals and camping, as well as an outpost manned by Desert Adventures featuring hundreds of kayaks, canoes, and mountain bikes.

Delphi is one of two-dozen independent locations, which will have the same business models, allowing for a circuit of homegrown festivals to rotate every week. This will create additional venue options transformational festival producers, all with lineups featuring artists whose music and fans that are consciously expansive. And rather than striking camp after every festival, they have core infrastructure in place and ready for each event. This creates an entire economy based on community living and the festival scene, exactly what festivalgoers have been dreaming about for decades.

These are real life models for higher integrated ways of bringing people together, forming a consciousness test kitchen and a call to action. It is time to take the massive resources that we are spending on attending these festivals, to create something more sustainable and shareable with the rest of the world.

We can choose to co-create a world beyond our wildest dreams, alchemizing our reality through our own mindfulness and open hearts every day. As we activate others to join this movement along the way, these and other emerging projects construct a model for making transformational festivals a lifestyle, rather than an occurrence.

The nature of consciousness is to expand. This movement is proof that our desire for re-invention of humanity is moving into actualization.

This article originally appeared on Elephant Journal.

About the Author

Tricia-Eastman-200x200Tricia Eastman is healer, psychic, and health expert with a passion helping others to live vibrantly. Eastman is a recognized expert in the health and beauty industry, consulting the top destination spas to develop treatments and lifestyle programs, as well as pioneer in ‘plant-based’ culinary.

Eastman truly embodies LOHAS in all aspects of her life and passionately supports the movement. Eastman is an accredited health and lifestyle editor with work on over 12 major publications such as, Dlist Magazine, Elephant Journal, ehow, and Tyra Banks’s Eastman’s writing embodies her mission is to inspire the others to live healthier lives, and follow their hearts.