What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

Your mind is like a garden. Flowers won’t bloom if you feed it mental poison. What are you feeding your mind?

All sensory input we receive affects us, from major to minor ways. Everything from the music we listen to, to the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, it all affects us in more profound ways than we sometimes realize.

This is because everything has its own vibrational energy structure. If you are interacting with, engaging with, or exposed to something, you can bet it is affecting you either positively or negatively. You can also say that it is also either strengthening or weakening your energy field. Remember the basic principle of Reality: everything affects everything.

Mainstream consciousness, which goes along with whatever the latest popular music, movies, sayings, food, and digital content is, is not the only one that is feeding its mind mental poison. So-called alternative culture, in all its forms (especially the “truth” movement) will repeatedly feed its mind with dark, depraved, and dense content, all in the name of “researching” and “uncovering” the truth. While going down the rabbit hole and learning about how you are in a control matrix designed to manipulate people and use your energy for nefarious purposes is part of the awakening process, there is a point where you can come back up to the surface and get some sunlight.

You don’t need to keep consuming content about all the insidious things that “they” are doing. That will attune you to very low states of consciousness that will make you more susceptible to infiltration and subjugation. Once you are aware that nearly everything you were taught is a lie, and get educated about all that is “wrong” with the world, you can start feeding your mind consciousness-raising sensory input. Strengthen your energy field and purify the sacred vessel you are merged with. This shows you that you love yourself, because you will stop re-traumatizing yourself repeatedly.

If you want to be the best version of yourself, feed your mind with things that will strengthen your energy field and raise your consciousness. Do this because you care about your own health and well-being. Do this to stop getting vampired off of by the Darkness. Do this for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Do some self-reflection and a “life audit” to see what you are allowing yourself to consume. Once you awaken, it’s time to move onto the next phase of the process. It’s time to becoming as strong of a changemaker as you can, so that you are a shining example to others of what a consciously evolved human looks and acts like. Become a sage amongst the masses, to help them by living and embodying what it means to be an evolved being.

It’s going to take some time to make all the shifts, especially if you have become very attached to certain things. However, if you really want to keep progressing in your own evolution, you will need to take decisive action, even if it initially makes you uncomfortable, or you feel it is too difficult. Nothing is too hard to overcome. If you are determined enough to rise above something, you will.

So, what are you feeding your mind? Is it something that is helping you or hurting you? No matter how benign something may be, it all gets compounded and leads to you feeling sad, anxious, angry, afraid, cynical, and a host of other energy-depleting emotional states. When you consume “healthy” content, food, and energy, you will see flowers bloom, leading to you expanding your consciousness beyond the self-imposed limits you had previously.

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