Why Choose LITOM Solar Lights?

litom solar lights

Green technologies such as solar have exploded in popularity in recent years, and for a good reason. They provide limitless and renewable free energy from the largest energy source available: the sun. Thanks to advances in solar panel technology, solar lights have become widespread and very affordable. Lighting fixtures, especially those that are outdoors, can be easily upgraded to low-maintenance solar lights.

There are many companies out there manufacturing and selling solar lights of all kinds. However, few of them provide the durability, quality, effectiveness, and affordability of LITOM. Thanks to LITOM solar spotlights, wall lights, and others, you can harness the power of the sun to illuminate your property at night.

Solar Lighting Options

There are a few major options you could consider when shopping for solar lighting. These are spotlights, wall lights, and wall-mounted lights with motion-activated sensors. Here’s a breakdown of these three popular types of solar lighting.

Solar Spotlights

LITOM solar spotlights can deliver 600 lumens per spotlight, using 12 bright LEDs contained within each one. They provide up to 120 degrees of illumination and can be adjusted vertically up to 90 degrees. They also have the ability to switch between warm white and cold white, depending on your preferences and needs. This is something few solar spotlights can do.

Solar lights using LEDs and high-quality solar panels can last an incredibly long time. LITOM solar spotlights can provide you with roughly 30,000 hours of light over the course of their lifetime. That is three times what most solar spotlights provide and can mean that your lights will keep lighting up your driveway, backyard, and other areas on your property for years. The high-quality 18650 lithium rechargeable battery is what makes all this possible.

Solar Wall Lights

LITOM solar wall lights get placed on one of the exterior walls of your house of other structures on your property. With up to 160 LEDs emitting powerful light, along with 270 degrees of range, you receive a tremendous amount of illumination out of LITOM solar wall lights. There are three optional lighting modes. These allow the light to stay on for longer if you prefer your lights to keep a watchful eye on anything rustling around for longer.

The adopted monocrystalline silicon solar cells within these lights achieve a conversion rate of 20.5%, which is 15% more than similar products from other sellers. This means you will be able to store more energy for longer, brightening up your property for longer.

Sometimes, you want to be made aware of activity and movement on your driveway or in your backyard. With LITOM solar lights with motion sensor, you get extended luminosity whenever something moves. The range with motion-activated solar lights can span a 30 square meter area, which may be enough for a small yard. If you need to illuminate an area larger than that, you can mount more LITOM solar lights with motion sensor on any wall on your property.

Enjoy Reliable and Longlasting Solar Lights

All these solar lights are waterproof and can last for years. When they receive direct sunlight during the day, they can deliver four hours of ultra-bright lighting and a massive 12 hours of dim lighting. When you want reliable green energy using highly-efficient solar lights that last a long time, you will find that LITOM’s lighting options are an excellent choice.