Wonderfruit: Thailand’s First Globally Conscious & Eco-Friendly Festival



Following a successful inaugural year, Wonderfruit, Thailand’s first globally conscious, eco-friendly boutique camping festival, releases the first wave of its 2015 musical lineup to include The Faint, The Submotion Orchestra, Howie B, Dapayk Solo, Desktop Error, Mahajamreon, Polycat and a spellbinding light and sound performance from Jon Hopkins x Chris Levine present the iy_project, with more than 30 acts to be released.  

With the stunning natural beauty of Thailand as its backdrop, Wonderfruit 2015 is a 4-day cross-cultural arts and music festival taking place December 17 to December 20, just 150km southeast of Bangkok, set among The Fieldsat Siam Country in picturesque Pattaya in Chonburi province. It attracts attendees from all over the globe with its four stages of world-class international and local music, visionary arts, culinary farm to feasts, health and wellness experiences, engaging talks and workshops, natural adventures and more. With a vision of cultivating creativity and inspiring personal responsibility, the festival is a pioneer in Asia and beyond with its sustainable practices and forward-thinking offerings.

The inaugural event in 2014 was heralded by Pulse Radio as “Asia’s best new festival”. Situated at the nexus of tropical beauty and culture, the region is home to world-renowned beaches, fresh seafood, local traditions, and abundant natural resources. The festival also takes place during the holiday season, making it the ultimate travel destination for a utopian vacation of ‘barefoot luxury’.   

Watch the Official Wonderfruit 2014 After-Story video below to see the visceral feast of last year’s gathering and get a glimpse of what to expect at this year’s festival.



Scratch First, the event’s producers and venue’s landowners, have pioneered Asia’s transformational festival space by working with visionary designers to build an artistically vivid landscape that not only captivates guests but also adheres to sustainable principles by using natural and locally sourced materials to build their own permanent infrastructure. The festival’s focal point is the Pavilion, originally created by leading architect Duangrit Bunnag, which will be transformed this year into a botanical garden and oasis.

Wonderfruit also promotes personal responsibility and social awareness through its ‘clean marketing’ initiatives, with the aim of inspiring attendees to enjoy living in ways that improve their environments, bodies and spirits. This year, Wonderfruit launched an innovative, guerilla campaign using Reverse Graffiti. By power cleaning positive messages into previously dirty or vandalized spaces around Bangkok without producing additional waste, they challenged Thai residents to consider their own environmental impact. This is in line with the festival’s ethos of celebrating curiosity, cultivating creativity, and promoting the adventure of sustainable actions.  

The entire experience of Wonderfruit is designed to open individuals to a heightened sense of magic and wonder with surprises around every corner from sensor-triggered art installations to outlandish outfits from The Wonder Salon and A Taste of Wonder, which provide costumes plus hair and makeup services. Meanwhile, the traveling Molam Bus, developed by the Jim Thompson Art Center, will share the rich Northeastern Thai music traditions of Isan culture.

Additionally, Wonderfruit is proud once again to present a program of sumptuous outdoor banquets in the stunning Theatre of Feasts, which is built from sustainable materials and allows incredible views from its vantage point at the highest point of the grounds. Here, guests will dine on mouthwatering, organic offerings created by a line up of award-winning chefs, led by Chef Gaggan, whose Bangkok restaurant is ranked Number 1 in Asia by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. With a goal to putting self-sufficient and natural ways of living into practice, this year’s Wonder Feasts will be prepared with produce freshly picked from Wonderfruit’s fully functioning farm. There will also be opportunities for guests to forage and cook their own food with classes in creative agriculture taught by Thailand Young Farmers.


Guests can also participate in groundbreaking discussions with Scratch Talks, a new series of mindful exchanges, presented in collaboration with Summit, an international community of leading entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders. In an effort to nurture creative communities, Wonderfruit is teaming up with SC Asset to present The Sharing Neighborhood, where guests can join a program of interactive learning workshops led by ‘skill sharers’. Offerings include tie-dye, woodcraft, fruit carving and the return of Yoga of Bass  a revitalising and invigorating musical and yogic experience.

Meditation and creative dance courses are available for further physical nourishment as well as soothing massages and indulgent treatments in the Healing Village, curated by internationally-acclaimed designer Ou Baholyodhin. The plethora of natural adventures on offer includes refreshing dips in a lake surrounded by tapioca fields and guided exploration of the festival grounds by foot or bike. All ages are welcome to attend, and Wonderfruit’s Camp Wonder will engage, challenge and delight children with kids’ yoga and interactive storytelling. A nanny service is also available for an additional fee. 

A variety of accommodations are available for participants, including boutique camping, hotel packages, and more. Tickets begin at $160 (THB5,500 or £100) and boutique camping and hotel packages are also available. Begin planning your journey to Wonderfruit by visiting the website here.

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