You Are Another Me – The Benefit of Seeing Yourself in Others

There is a great deal of pain inflicted upon people by one another. This hostility towards others stems from a lack of understanding the fundamental nature of Reality…that everyone and everything is connected to everyone and everything else. This means that everyone and everything affects everyone and everything else. There are no exceptions.

If people would be able to identify specific things that go “wrong” or “right” their lives, connecting them to specific things they did, they would change how they are acting in no time.

However, the highly-complex nature of the interconnected wholeness of consciousness is not that cut and dry. It can be ambiguous, so people go along, acting carelessly and not realizing what they think, say, and do will be matched and returned to them, in one of a trillion possibilities.

The basic tenet to understand is that the energy you project will become projected back at you. The way Reality is designed makes it so that everything spirals and loops around, given we live in an infinite Reality with no beginning and no end. All fields loop in a torus doughnut pattern, in a perpetual feedback loop. These are self-organizing processes that display an elegant order out of specific interactions between individual parts of a seemingly-chaotic system. Somehow, the Grand Design knows how to create order out of chaos.

It is thanks to the highly-complex nature of the universal design that we get what we put out into the fabric of Reality. When we see this as being how the dynamics of Reality operate, we can understand how our thoughts, words, and deeds have a profound impact on everything. Meditation, where we can quiet the mind, can help us see and be aware of this more clearly. As Hans Margolius said, “Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is there adequate perception of the world.”

Oneness, or as I like to call it, interconnected wholeness, is just the way things are. Once people take off the blinders, they wonder how they’ve missed it all this time. Yasutani Roshi put it really well by saying, “The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.”

You are another me. We all are fractals of one another. Sure, we differ in appearance, personality, and some fleeting sense of identity, but in the end, we are all reflections. Think of yourself as a cell in the Universal/Multiversal body. We are all made up of the same consciousness/energy, only differing because of the experiences we have had. We all were once without form and simply Source energy. Then at some point, form came out of formlessness, experiencing Reality from its own unique position. This created a unique identity, that become more and more reinforced…until it believed it was distinctly separate from everything else.

However, nobody is an island. We are all part of the same web of existence. If we saw all the unseen fields, webs, and energies outside of the narrow visible light spectrum, we would see that we are in an incredibly elaborate and busy matrix of interconnectedness.

Treat everyone as if they were you living another life…because they are. No matter how far removed they seem to be from what you consider yourself to be. Yes, even that person who will remain nameless is you living in another life, meaning the Source consciousness experiencing itself through the lens of a difference perspective…no matter how seemingly deviated it has become from Source energy within it.

When we see others as versions of ourselves, we come to respect life more. This leads us to think, say, and do things that will inspire, help, and create. We become active Bodhisattvas, continuously pulsing our love and compassion to all sentient beings, no matter what individual masks of the Source consciousness they are wearing.

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